TIP TOPPERS - Packed to the rafters

TIP TOPPERS Packed to the rafters cd 2002 320 kbps
Packed to the rafters / Molly melon /Pick you up / Dedicated to you / Gonna get you / Bedtime for losers / Need you tonight / On your own / Worth your while / No good / Almost anything .
Produced by Sondre Larssen
The Tip Toppers : Sindre Matre : lead vocals , guitar , organ / Morten Henriksen : lead guitar, backing vocals / Paal Andreassen : guitar / Stig Amundsen : bass / Ulf Bendiksen : drums .

The combination of a huge desire to put out his own records, and friends including some of the best Norwegian punk rock musicians is the simple origin of The Tip Toppers. Not a band in the traditional sense, but singer, songwriter and mastermind Sindre Matres lovechild. He..s the undisputable leader, but working with musicians such as Morten Henriksen (The Yums Yums), Pål Andreassen (The Kwyet Kings) and Stig Amundsen (Gluecifer) means that The Tip Toppers appears more like a genuine ass kicking punk rock combo than some sad lonely fanatics wet dream. From being some sort of a lonely (and only) punk rock fan in his small hometown just outside of Oslo, Sindre has finally completed his goal; his own record. 2001 saw the release of the EP "The Tip Toppers", on the Norwegian label Sneakers. A 7-inch that sure made some waves, being among the favorite records of several radio stations and magazines throughout Europe, and a track on Screaming Apple's "Popgun 2000", there's no doubt that things been happening fast for Sindre and his Tip Toppers. Late 2002 saw the release of The Tip Toppers debut album "Packed to the rafters" on the Sounds of Subterrania label and fans once again got hit by a high speed cocktail of melodic punk rock. Again friends like Henriksen (guitar), Amundsen (bass), Andreassen (guitar) and drummer Bendiksen (drums) will turn up in studio for a sweaty session, helping out a good friend. Not out of pity, but because Sindre Matre is easily one of the best punk rock songwriters around. A 7" single called "All fired up" was out on Sneakers in Jan 2004. The Tip Toppers recorded the whole album "Subterranean Jungle" by Ramones as a tribute. This album was out in April 2004 through the Norwegian Ramones Fanclub. The 7" EP "Best night of your Life" with 4 songs was released on the label Burgess Shale in may 2004. Sindre released the 7" EP "Vision express" on Bootleg Booze in jan 06 with his other band The Incubators. This band features Stu Manx & Raldo Useless from the late Gluecifer, and Sindre and Ulf from The Tip Toppers.

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Thanks again, another request. You are the n#1. Cheers and beers brother

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hello #1
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Comme d'hab, une super découverte.THX again

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any chance of getting their version of "Subterranian Jungle"?


You can find the Tip Toppers : "Subterranean Jungle" on the fine Ratboy '69 Blog !
Here's the link :
The Ratboy '69 Blog is listed on my favourite blogs§