THE MEDIA WHORES - Master of Pop Hits

THE MEDIA WHORES Master of pop hits cd 2002 320 kbps
Two steps back / Today is mine / It's about time / 1984 / Feel it ! / Lisa sez / When it began / Flawless heart / Robyn / LOVEnROCKnROLLnHOWTHEYRELATE / After you / Cult of the psychic fetus / No matter what / All I want for Christmas / Can't hardly wait.
The Media Whores : Pat Dull : vocals , guitar / J. D. Dallas : guitar / Arturo Deleon : bass / Milan Karcic & El Gato : drums.
The Media Whores are a powerpop band that likes to rock. Comprising the pop elements of The Who, Elvis Costello, and The Clash, together with the rock elements of The Beat and The Plimsouls, this group aspires to the lofty Cheap Trick brand of high energy Pop... and damn the torpedoes! No wimpy shoe-gazer stuff here... this band ROCKS! The Media Whores started in 1998, and hail from Columbus, Ohio, in the USA. They've released tons of records, each filled to the brim with loud rockin' guitars and ultra-melodic tunes. They've also played hundreds of high-energy shows all over America. The band has been praised by such diverse magazines as Rock'n'roll Outbreak ("This is the best kind of power pop: the songs are perfect, and the guitars and drums flat out ROCK!") and MAXIMUMROCKNROLL ("Really cool sing-a-long parts and great melodic guitar riffs"). In a review of The Media Whores' debut CD, Amplifier Magazine gushed "Every track on this album sounds like a gem from radio's glory days!" So if you like powerpop (with the emphasis on POWER), check out the rockin' tunes of "Master Of Pop Hits," the latest slab of powerpop rock from The Media Whores, available on Screaming Apple Records!

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MDIA WHORES "Master of pop hits" 320 kbps + covers

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Capitain Poon a dit…

Great, great, great. Thanks again for all the music. Cheers and beers bro

jeffen a dit…

Yet another great find - may your stash never run low.

dirty dave a dit…

i used to see these guys all the time in c-bus.
thanks for posting this, i can't wait to give it a listen.