LARRY WALLIS - Death in the guitarfternoon

LARRY WALLIS Death in the guitarfternoon cd 2001 Ribbed records 320 kbp
Are we having fun yet ? / Crying all night / Dead man riding / Downtown jury / El diablo's hangin' ten / Where the freaks hangs out / Don't mess with Dimitri / Meatman / Mrs hippy burning / I'm a police car / Screw it .
Produced by Larry Wallis.
Larry Wallis : vocals & guitars / Big George Webley : bass / Wayne Casserly : drums.
Larry Wallis began work on a solo album in early 1978, recording with Deke Leonard, Big George Webley, and Pete Thomas; unfortunately, record company politics saw the record shelved (it remains unreleased) and Wallis moved on. Further stints alongside Mick Farren were interspersed by gigs with Wayne Kramer and a decade-long songwriting career with Dr. Feelgood. A mid-'80s Pink Fairies reunion was bookended by Wallis' own bands, the Death Commandos of Love and the Redbyrds, while Wallis finally released this solo album, "Death in the Guitarfternoon" in 2001.

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Anonyme a dit…

nice sunday @ SOTD !!!!!!!!!!!



LARRY WALLIS "Death in the guitarfternoon" 320 kbps + covers

Enjoy it & leave comments if you like it !

Rob-Trav a dit…

Great!! Love The Fairies and Larry Wallis - thanks Patrick.


Peter a dit…

Thanks for all the high-quality Wallis!

Greg Cameron a dit…

Larry Wallis's "Death in the guitarfternoon" is a modern day classic and guitar heaven. My brother wishes Larry had gone through "Police Car" with the old reckless brio, but I understand Larry wanting to do something different with the song. Some of this stuff here is just priceless. Greg Cameron, Surrey, B.C., Canada