SHOO CHAIN BROTHERS - Something wild

SHOO CHAIN BROTHERS Something wild cd 1994/1999 Zombie Dance records 320 kbps
No mad's land / Let me rock / Penicillin / Play it cool / Punk rockin' honky tonk girl / Goddamn bottle / Down to the rainbow / Stay away from my girl / Bettina & Romeo / Somethind wild / Suck my tyre / C'mon & move it ! / Drive me wild / Forced vacations / Nobody loves you .
Prod : Mr Beef, Dee Dee White, Shoo Chain Bros.
Shoo Chain Brothers : Gildas Cospérec : vocals /Youn Hascoët (91-99) - Mr Beef (91-95) - Dee Dee (96-99) - Lo' Spider (98-99) - J-L Onesta (91-95) : guitar / Frankenjames (91-97) - Slim Phil (97-99) : bass / Sylvain Coulon (91-96) - Mars Spider (91-95) - Mr Pecci (96-99) : drums / Maw & Nat (91-99) : Backing Vocals .
The "Something Wild" songs are from two split singles ep , Tribute to the Flamin' Groovies , compilation Do The Dog Rds ,Tribute to Nikki Sudden , compil 7" ep four bands (Jungle noise Rds), cd Abus Dangereux , 10"Larsen records ...
First thing you'll notice when getting exposed to the Shoo Chain Brothers on stage is ... me-o-my , a three guitar line-up. Gibson , Rickenbacker , Fender . What more can a rock'n'rollin' heart desire ? And they've got them loaded on to rhythm rhythm rhythm. Might as well say this band is a rhythm-bound . And they can go a high pace , too ."I'm not the singer, I'm an intertainer" says Gildas Cospérec, singer , sorry , entertainer , trucker , promoter , Raunch Hands aficionado , radio dj of taste extraordinaire ( and member of the "Dig It !" fanzine staff ...) . Surely compering the best radio show in southern France . Even playing our modest "Hartbeat !" flexi regularly . What can you want , if you 've got them played in between Big Chief and Mono Men ?
Second thing you notice is where they derive their motivation from .They certainly won't give you a bad time , because any band that plays the Roulettes' "Bad time" can't be wrong . I haven't got a degree in metallurgy but I guess in case you're melting 60s iron and 80s copper you get solid 90s bronze . Shoo Chain Bros. do . Hard but warm . Rough but fair . " It's chance that makes brothers , but it's hearts that makes friends" , Von Bülow once wrote. Wrong , the Shoo Chain Brothers prove it's just the opposite . HJK - Hartbeat # 15
Thanks to Gildas for music & scans !

Artwork cd created by Max !

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SHOO CHAIN BROTHERS : Something wild 320 kbps + artwork created by Max !

Thanks to Gildas & Max !

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Really good!!! It was looking for it a lot of time ago. Thanks Midnight, Spectacular.

Anonyme a dit…

Merci pour ce post, mais peut on esperer un second post avec leurs fantastiques versions d'Action Bad time et Learn to lose.
En tout cas, félicitations pour ce blog.


Saint Gildas entendra peut-être ta prière ...

Anonyme a dit…

hello Mr MR

lien mort

merci d'avance