THE IAN LOWERY GROUP - King blank to

THE IAN LOWERY GROUP King blank to cd 1989 Situation two 320 kbps
Need / I said skin / A kind of loathing / Sick little minds / Wild times / Jack dust / You're gonna pay / Beach fire / Never trust me / Driver's arrived / The party / One last blast.
Produced by the Ian Lowery Group.
The Ian Lowery Group : Ian Lowery : vocal , guitar, piano , bass / Nigel Pulsford : guitar , piano , organ , backing vocals / Joe Hammond : slide guitar , banjo / Alan Burgess : drums / Hugh Garrety : bass.
After being ejected from punk group The Wall (3 singles) in 1979, singer Ian Lowery and guitarist Nick Clift (ex-Debutants) formed Ski Patrol, along with Pete Balmer (ex-Stranded, later to record with Fad Gadget) on bass and Bruce Archibald on drums.
Ian Lowery had been signed to Killing Joke’s Malicious Damage label as leader of the group Ski Patrol. Politics and the general tensions that seemed endemic to the Killing Joke scene led Ian to leave Ski Patrol and recruit long time friend of Jaz Coleman - Alan Cole on drums, Kris Jozajtis on guitar (now Dr Kris Jozajtis at Stirling University) and Mark Whiteley, from Wales, on bass to form another, more satisfying but no less intense project - The Folk Devils.The sound was a bastardised blend of punk, blues, and amphetamine fuelled angst with the music often walking a fine line between a patchwork of brilliant musicianship and violence. The political and ideological canvass for the Folk Devils was the miners strike, Thatcher’s Britain, mass unemployment and the flooding of Britains street with heroin and despair.
Ian Lowery died in 2001 having continued to work throughout the late 80s and early 90s the with Nigel Pulsford of Bush on the King Blank project and the Ian Lowery Band.

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IAN LOWERY GROUP : "King blank to" 320 kbps + covers

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Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf a dit…

Thanks for this MR, am a big Ian Lowery 'fan', from his time in The Wall through Ski Patrol and The Folk Devils, the guy is most underrated, shame all the good ones get taken away. Cheers and stay free!

Longy a dit…

Excellent posting sir. Thanks for the tip-off Nuzz too. I've been trying to find a digital copy of this for ages.


mug a dit…

thank you and also thanks to Nuzz for the head's up.

galbreo a dit…

Very good group.Thanks. Raw.