THE HOT DOGS ! - The Powerhouse

THE HOTDOGS ! The powerhouse cd 2000 Safety Pin records 320 kbps
The powerhouse / Baby boom / Twisted twister / Hostage of yer honey love / Losin' myself for rock & roll / The neverwases # the neverwillbes / Let's boogie / Screamin' whip 'Jim / Hot toz / The only way / Merci thank you .
Produced by Mikel Biffs.

This band from Gipuzkoa (Spain) is founded in 1991 by Iñaki Urizabal (drums), Iker Álvarez (bass, backing vocals), José Luis Aparicio (guitar, backing vocals), Iñigo Agirrebalzategi (guitars, backing vocals) and Jon Iturbe (vocals). In 1999 they issue their first LP, successful among press and public. After that they make a tour across Spain that makes them be considered a live band. After splitting and trying other projects, The Hot Dogs! reunifies in 2004, with Iker replacing José Luis as guitarist and Carlos Alonso as new bassist. In 2006 they record "III"(Rock on records), a record that shows some maturity, a huge chemistry achieved thanks to many years together and a great class. They are preparing a new record. More in MySpace.

Thanks to Jose Gabriel !

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THE HOT DOGS "The powerhouse"" 320 kbps + covers

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Anonyme a dit…

great post !!

thx M.R.

limburg a dit…

Hey Midnight Rambler,

I have a promo copy of the requested Jon Iturbe record. It does not have covers (at least the real ones) Let me know if you want it that way or you rather wait for a better copie.

I also have a CD called 4x3 that brings 3 spanich bands with 4 songs each. One of the bands is Teen Dogs.