GO TO BLAZES - Love , lust & trouble

GO TO BLAZES Love , lust & trouble cd 1991 320 kbps
Chainball / Suicide driver / Cathouse / (And I'll be) Hating you / Long red hair / Pagan baby / For loving me / Piece of mind / Bad cup of coffee / She's right / Return to her.
Produced by Ben Vaughn & Adam Lasus.
Go To Blazes : Edward Warren : lead vocal , electric & accoustic guitar / Keith Donnellan : drums & backing vocals / Christopher Horner : accoustic & electric bass , backing vocals / Thomas Heyman : lead, slide & steel guitar.

Formed in the D.C. area in 1987 by college buddies Ted Warren, Tom Heyman, Christopher Horner and Keith Donnellan, GTB recorded and released their self-titled debut, a revved-up rockabilly LP, in 1988 and quickly moved north to Philadelphia. Many whiskey-soaked nights playing in all kinds of places in Philly and New York City (alternative clubs as well as old-man alchy bars) toughened up the band considerably. Their 1991 follow-up, "Love Lust and Trouble", was light years ahead of their first release. With almost any hint of rockabilly behind them, the band just got tougher and tougher, finally hooking up with producer, vibe-man, and father figure Eric "Roscoe" Ambel. From there things took off. The addition of Ted Popadopolous on bass solidified things, and a deal with roots rock label ESD led to 1994's "Anytime, Anywhere", their classic. With Eric Ambel once again in the producer's chair the band followed it up with the quieter "GTB...And Other Crimes", also a winner. The album was mostly cover tunes and was recorded in one night.
The band had developed a following in Germany and toured there extensively. Glitterhouse released most of their catalog there as well. In 1997 the final disc, "Waiting Around for the Crash", was released on the about-to-go-under ESD. It marked continued improvement in sound and songwriting, but still didn't top "Anytime, Anywhere". GTB held their "final clearance sale" in 1997 and is sadly missed, at least in Philadelphia and on the lower east side of NYC. A posthumous release, "Almost a Decade", combined unreleased demos, live tracks and B-sides.

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GO TO BLAZES "Love lust & trouble" 320 kbps + covers

Enjoy it & leave comments if you like it !

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you very much. Always hard to find Go to Blazes product. Saw them in a reunion show about 5 years ago in Philly (@ the Khyber) after having discovered them too late to see them the first time around. They still had it in spades!


Encore un groupe que je ne connaissais pas ...je l'écoute en boucle tellement j'aime ...Cette reprise de Pagan Baby de Fogerty est vraiment fantastique !!!
Merci encore M.R

planeta.elvis a dit…

Thak's for this surprise. I've got 2 albums and still looking for the others, including their first album only in vinyl. Regards from Spain !!

planeta.elvis a dit…

Thanks !!! I've 2 albums from these people and forward to listen therest of the discography. Have anybody a link for the first album only in vinyl..???
Regards from Spain !!!

planeta.elvis a dit…

Thanks !!! Got 2 album from GTB and are fantastic. Hope to listen their first album only in vinyl...anyone has a link for it.??

Regards form Spain,


Sorry but I don't have their first lp only the 2 others following "Love lust & trouble" ...