THE FORGOTTEN REBELS - In love with the system

THE FORGOTTEN REBELS In Love With The System lp 1978 320 kbps
Bomb The Boats And Feed The Fish° / I Think Of Her° / In Love With The System° / The Punks Are Alright° / Rich And Bored° / Time To Run° / Fuck Me Dead° / No Beatles Reunion° / You're A Rebel Too° / I Left My Heart In Iran° / Elvis Is Dead° / Bones In The Hallway° / National Unity* / Forgotten Rebel (Alternate Version)* / Reich N' Roll* / In Love With The System* (Alternate Version)* /New Wave Girls* .
°Reissue of the 1980 vinyl release
*Five bonus tracks from a 100 cassette limited edition release handed out at a live show.
Produced & mixed by Cowboy Bob for the first twelve tracks.
The Forgotten Rebels : Pogo Au Go Go : bass / Chriss Suicide : bass, vocals / Larry Electrician : drums / Mr. Madness : drums / Al Mc Combo : guitar / Mickey De Sadist : lead vocals , guitar.
The Forgotten Rebels are a punk rock band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. With roots dating back to 1977 right up until the present time, the Forgotten Rebels have left a legacy of seven albums and a collection of EPs and singles that have influenced many other Canadian and international bands forming in their wake.
Although the band went through many lineup changes over the last 28 years, Mickey DeSadist (vocals) and Dave McGhire (drums) remained the creative foundation of the group through most of its history. McGhire quit in 2003 leaving DeSadist as sole survivor.
"In love with the system" is the first Forgotten Rebels lp.
Covers : Max !

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jeffen a dit…

As a good Canadian punk kid of the 80's I have the vinyl, the t-shirt (now a wee bit small) and memories of some amazing live shows.

Thanks for the post


THE FORGOTTEN REBELS "In love with the system" 320 kbps + covers arranged by Max !

Enjoy it & leave comments !

harleytexas a dit…

I've known Mickey since the early 80's...great album

Anonyme a dit…

Let the record show that yet another one of the Rebels' fans has not forgotten. (Note to self: Visit Rebels website monthly and don't miss one of the 1-2 shows they do a year.)

My 30-year-old cassette was mostly lost to a car stereo 10 years ago. Thanks for preserving this in such good condition.