THE NOMADS - All wrecked up

THE NOMADS All wrecked up cd 1989 Amigo 320 kbps
Holyhead / Twilight fades / I don't need no doctor / First you dream then you die / Beyond the valley of Dolls° / My deadly game / (You can call that) Frienship ? / I'm gonna make you mine / Butcher baker nightmare maker / Outburst ! / Down by the river / I have always been here before* / Cinderella* / Fire and brimstone*.
*cd bonus tracks
Produced by 4-Eyed Thomas.
The Nomads : N. Vahlberg : vocals, guitar / H. Östlund : vocals, lead guitar / F. Minarik : organ, tambourine, maraccas / B. Fröberg : bass guitar, vocals / J. Ericson : drums, cymbals.
° featuring Johnny Thunders on lead guitar !
"Kings of garage"... "Modern acid-drenched psychotic r&b"... "Amphetamined r&b hellfire fusion" ... "What the Heartbreakers might've sounded like as acidheads instead of heroin addicts"... Just a few selected quotes to describe the sound of Sweden's the Nomads, but since you bothered to look up their homepage I guess you're already familiar with their crucial brand of guitarcrazed rawk'n'roll ?
On their first mini-LP "Where the Wolfbane Blooms" (Amigo -83) the band's spiritual guide and producer 4-Eyed Thomas (Ulf Lindqvist) managed to give them the sound they deserved though. A record that started a growing number of fans and reviewers all over the world to praise the fantastic Swedish garage band. Among the brilliant choice of covers, the Nomads also showed they could write excellent songs themselves. A classic record ...
In 1984 Frank Minarik started playing organ and percussion in the group and they released their second mini-album, "Temptation Pays Double", another fine blast of sonic garage mayhem. The third album "Outburst!"was a compilation of material from the two mini-LPs (What Goes On Records). The Nomads was now steadily gaining a well-deserved reputation among serious rock'n'roll fans here and everywhere. Between -85 and -87 the band appeared on various compilations, bootlegs and seven inches .The cover of the Lyres' until then unreleased song "She Pays the Rent" came out as a single and here you can hear the Nomads complete with a horn-section. After the recording of "Hardware" a few recordings were made as the Screaming Dizbusters . One of them was the Dictators-cover "The Next Big Thing", released as a 7" with the Scottish fanzine by the same name. In 1989 The Nomads made two more records for Amigo : a lp "All Wrecked Up" and a 12 ep "Fire and Brimstone" . After that they will sign for Sonet records but it's another story ... from the Nomads official homepage.

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THE NOMADS All wrecked up 320 kbps + covers

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limburg a dit…

J´avais pris les deux Nomads post d´aujourdhui même si je les avait dèja en CD

Par contre celle là je l´avais pas.


Les 2 prémiêres milni lps????

Anonyme a dit…

Les 2 prémiêres milni lps????
dl easy than ripp

SOTD not fucking shop !!!!

thx Mr M.R. , keep quiet

Pep Sonic a dit…

Many thankx for this midnight, merci.

el feder a dit…

ive been looking for ir, for a long time!
long live the nomads!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Another good one, though not my favorite Nomads LP. This is where I lost touch with them so I'll give the Showdown disks a listen too.
Thanks for all the great sounds and reviews.

Honquijote a dit…

Thanks a lot for a great post...!

Anonyme a dit…

finally i can throw away that cassette, thnx!