V/A O.T.H Sampler 5

V/A O.T.H. Zine sampler issue 5 cd 2004 OTH 320 kbps
THE RUMORS I'm just so in love with you / DENIZ TEK AND THE GOLDEN BREED Always out of reach / THE BOOBY TRAPS Scratch my back / SHOWBAG Difficult / GROUNDSWELL Always / BOSS BEAT AND THE RAYGUNS Scarabesque / GAZOONGA ATTACK Borderline / ORGANIC Hold you in my arms / GIGANTIC Cold shoulder / THE DOUBLE AGENTS The bliss / THE UPTIGHT Morning sunrise / THE HYMIES I'm stressed / THE WALTONS Cherry / DANNY MCDONALD Too much fun.
Off The Hip is a record store first located in Sydney and now in Melbourne (381 Finders Lane) & it's also a mailorder service with the best in Australian garage, powerpop & rock'n'roll .

Off The Hip was also a fanzine (5 issues , each with a cd sampler) .

Today, Off The Hip is an exemplary label driven by Mickster with a lot of releases to their credit !

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V/A "OTH Sampler" 5 320 kbps + covers

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outdoor miner a dit…

Excellent compilation!!! j'ai les 4 premieres volumes, si tu veux je peux les poster.


Merci ! Je vais les poster ... tout est prêt !

Mr. Suave a dit…

Great blog. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work. Cheers!

Anonyme a dit…

toujours pret le midnight rambler


cf edito # 01 tout est dit