THE NOMADS - Showdown ! (1981 - 1993)

THE NOMADS Showdown ! (1981-1993) 2cd 1994 SFTRI 320 kbps
Disc 1 : The way (you touch my hand) / I'm 5 years ahead of my time / Lowdown shakin' chills / Milkcow blues / Rat fink a boo-boo / Real gone lover / Where the wolf bane blooms / Bangkok / Don't tread on me / She pays the rent / 16 forever / Call off your dogs / Knowledge comes with deaths release / Surfin' in the bars / Temptation plays double / Swamp gal / Fire and brimstone / Beyond the valley of the dolls° / My deadly game / Wimp*.
Disc 2 : Psycho* / Night time* / Boss hoss* / Rockin' all throught the night* / Have love will travel* / Showdown :Real cool time / Sometimes good guys don't wear white / I'm a ding dong daddy / Teenage later / Red Cadillac and a black moustache / Driving sideways on a oneway street / You're gonna miss me / Stranded on a dateless night / Big Sandy / This ain't the summer of love /Frying pan/ Salvation by damnation / The next big thing / I have always been here before / Cinderella / Motorhead*.
Produced by 4-Eyed Thomas except* produced by the Nomads
The Nomads : N. Vahlberg: vocals & guitars / H. Östlund : guitar & vocals / B. Fröberg : bass & backing vocals / J. Ericson : drums / T. Carlson : bass & backing vocals / E. Johnson : drums / F. Minarik : organ & percussion / J. Tärnström : guitar, bass.
+ J. Thunders : guitar solos on°

Over the past two decades, Stockholm, Sweden's Nomads have taken the whole history of rock'n'roll (the cool parts, anyway) and recast it in their own image, an amalgam of Detroit, garage, rockabilly, Gibsons through Marshalls, and love (but not reverence) for roots. If you haven't surrendered to their sound yet, try listening to their double-disc Showdown 81-93 comp on Sympathy and coming away unconverted -- I DARE YA! For proof, try on, say, their killer covers of Alex Chilton's "Bangkok" or the Lyres' "She Pays the Rent" or I-94 Bar firm fave, the Dictators' "16 Forever." And these guys can write 'em too; just check out Nomad-penned classics like "Lowdown Shakin' Chills" or "Primordial Ooze" or "Surfin' in the Bars." The current "Big Sound 2000" disc alone bears "Don't Pull My String," "Ain't Dead Yet," "Another Man's Cross," and "The King of Night Train," and there's much, much more. Or better yet, if you can go see 'em live. I-94 Bar
This 42-song, two-CD box set features material recorded by the Nomads from 1981 through 1993. The first CD features the best tracks from the band's albums and singles, while the second CD consists primarily of rarities, outtakes, and live performances. Most of their songs are remakes, and even the originals are indebted to other musicians; for example, "Where the Wolf Bane Blooms" borrows the guitar line from "Borderline" by DMZ, "Call off Your Dogs" was written for the band by Jeffrey Lee Pierce of the Gun Club and Peter Case of the Plimsouls, and "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" features guest lead guitar by Johnny Thunders. While the group may not be innovative or original, they are a very good garage punk cover band, as proven by their fiery renditions of songs by the Strangeloves ("Night Time"), Standells ("Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White"), Tommy Bell ("Swamp Gal"), and others. Overall this is a solid, entertaining collection, but it's probably too extensive for someone who isn't already a dedicated fan. Allmusic

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THE NOMADS Showdown! (1981-1993) 320 kbps + complete covers !

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