SLASH CITY DAGGERS - Backstabber blues

SLASH CITY DAGGERS Backstabber blues cd 2001 Unity Squad Records 320 kbps
T.V. & pills / Backstage / Feels good / Backstabber blues / Fucking you / Daggers rule / Jailhouse lover / Dead drunk / Same ol' thang / Jackhammer / Sweet dreams / Backseat baby.
Produced by Slash City Daggers & Jeff Dahl.
Slash City Daggers : A. Ruthless : vocals, guitar / D. Graves : vocals, guitar / L. Dagger : bass / Pickle : drums.

"This sophomore release by the Daggers, now known as the Slash City Daggers, delivers blues-y, glam punk rocknroll produced by Jeff Dahl . It's raunchy rhythms are so infectious that this album is being billed as 2001's answer to the New York Dolls." Insound
"Punknroll has group sex with the Stooges, New York Dolls, and GnR to create the Daggers. It's really catchy and fun to rock out to while tapping your feet, sneering and trying to look cooler than you really are." Maximum Rock N Roll

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SLASH CITY DAGGERS "Backstabber blues" 320 kbps + covers

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thanks for this great record ¡¡¡. i dont know him but they are a great rock and roll band.