THE PURPLE HELMETS Rise again cd 1989 Rebel Rec. 320 kbps
Brand New Cadillac /I'm Crying /Rosalin /She's Not There* /First I Look At The Purse° /Get Yourself Home /Oh Pretty Woman /Homework /Don't You Like What I Do /Money /Under The Sun /Baby Let Me Take You Home /Sha La Lee /Baby /Everything's Alright.
Produced by the Purple Helmets & O. Morris.
The Purple Helmets : A. Gifford : lead vocals / J.J. Burnel : bass & vocals , lead vocals on * / J. Ellis : guitar & vocals / D. Greenfield : keyboards / M. Elias : drums .
+ G. Fuller : harmonica on °

Whether the result of, or the impetus for, the Stranglers' penchant for covering rock'n'roll standards (or just an indication of artistic burnout), J.J. Burnel and D. Greenfield launched a just-for-kicks sideband with Stranglers' saxman Alex Gifford (also piano with Van The Man & half of the Propellerheads), ex-Vibrators guitarist John Ellis (he had opened for the Stranglers in the 1970s as a member of The Vibrators, filled in for H. Cornwell during his time in prison in 1980 and became the future Stranglers' guitarist during near ten years) and Manny Elias ( drummer for : Interview , Tears for Fears , P. Gabriel, etc...). On two similarly titled but totally different albums, the Purple Helmets (nice name...) do nothing but relive the songs of their misspent youth. Whether they're playing "Woolly Bully," "I Can't Explain," "Over Under Sideways Down" and "Not Fade Away" on the live "Ride Again" or "She's Not There," "Money" and "First I Look at the Purse" on "Rise Again", a slightly more accomplished studio concoction. The Purple Helmets approach their chosen jukebox classics with the enthusiasm of teenagers and the skill of seasoned professionals. TrouserPress

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THE PURPLE HEARTS "Rise again" 320 kbps + covers

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Skip a dit…

very groovy


Anonyme a dit…

Many Thanks! Been looking for this for a long time.

Brno a dit…

Super, j'attendais çà depuis des années. J'ai les vinyls mais plus de platine pour les écouter et les copies cassettes sont plus qu'usées, un grand merci!

polychromos a dit…

you not only have a fantastic blog, you also present great music.

thank you for The Purple Helmets.

may your days be sunny : Polychromos

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks a lot - Merciiiiii !
Rhala je n'avais plus que ma cassette en sale état, quel bonheur !


digger a dit…

Hi MIDNIGHT RAMBLER any chance for a lossless copy? :)

Mouldysauerkraut a dit…

I can't find the link, I can't listen to my dead cassette of this, I can't find their great live album on the net, rrr.

Anonyme a dit…

Click on the title of the post in the blog !

Mouldysauerkraut a dit…

Ah, sorry, and thanks !