THE PURPLE HELMETS Ride again lp 1987 New Rose 320 kbps
Wooly Bully / Over Under Sideways Down / Don't Bring Me Down / We Gotta Get Out Of This Place / Baby Please Don't Go / Can't Explain / Whatcha Gonna Do About It / Keep On Running / All Day And All Of The Night / Louie Louie / Tobacco Road / I Wanna Be Your Man / Hip-Hug Her / Not Fade Away / I'm A Man.
Live album mixed by : Alex Gifford & Owen Morris - Recorded by : Owen Morris.
The Purple Helmets : J. J. Burnel : bass & vocals / A. Gifford : lead vocals / J. Ellis : guitar & vocals / D. Greenfield : keyboards / M. Elias : drums.

This record, consisting of nothing but cover tunes, is fun from start to finish. A little background is in order here. The band is made up of bits of the Stranglers and a dash of the Vibrators if I'm not mistaken. Plus a few other gents, origins unknown (see the next post) . And given this climate the live set rarely strays into Stranglers territory. A slight passage in "All Day and All of the Night" casts a rat-like shadow across the bass line, but over-all we've got a pretty good bar band serving up some blues inflected songs and stories. The guys manage to touch on the Yardbirds, Kinks, Animals, The Who, Buddy Holly and ever so much more. A front cover group portrait of the gentlemen wearing their signature headgear and some choreographed steps bringing up the rear. Hard to find (especially on cd but you can find it on colored vinyl for a nice price ), but worth seeking out if you're any fan of the Stranglers or their individual members.Tralfaz
Thanks to the great Capitain Poon for the music !

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THE PURPLE HELMETS Ride again 320 kbps + covers

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Longy a dit…

Good stuff. I'm pretty sure they also did another entitled Rise Again about a year later. I've got a single of theirs about somewhere that I'll post soon.

RYP a dit…

merci beaucoup, thanks a lot for this real gem!


Capitain Poon a dit…

No brother, thanks at you for all!!
Cheers and beers

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks muchly! Great to find these again!

polychromos a dit…

WOW - what a great collection of covers.
thanks for presenting them here.

may you have a fine day : Polychromos