THE SONICS - Sinderella

THE SONICS Sinderella cd 1980 Bomp 320 kbps
He's waitin' / Shot down / Tallahassee Lassie / Let me pass / Leavin' here / Boss hoss / Up the junction / Louie Louie / Sinderella / Turn-on-song / Open up yer door / Pastrami party.
Produced by G.F. Wallace.
The Sonics 1980 : G. Roslie : vocals, keyboards, insanity / G.F. Wallace : guitars, percussion, keyboards, vocals / B. Shaw : drums, percussion, vocals / M. Gone : rhythm guitar / G. Crowe : bass, percussion, beer runs / J. N. Busch : drums, percussion, esoteric humour.
L. Clinkingbeard : saxophone / S. Kattayama & T. Kattica : piano.
On their 1980 release, "Sinderella", influential '60s Seattle garage rockers the Sonics showed that they could come up with material that contained as much punk rock energy as the younger bands around at the time. Age had not tamed the band, as they cranked their amps up to ten and plowed through a set of inspired, raw rock & roll. With great guitar riffing supplied by G. F.-Wallace and M. Gone (the band even thanks their Fender amplifiers in the credits), "Sinderella" is one of the few examples of an older band meshing well with the then-current musical climate. The whole album is one consistent garage rock-fest, helped by such tracks as the opening "He's Waiting," "Leavin' Here," and a ragged version of "Louie Louie" (possibly the best cover version of the tune). For fans of fun, classic garage rock, the Sonics' "Sinderella" is one of the genre's most vital releases. ~ All Music Guide
Cd covers by Max !

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THE SONICS "Sinderella" 320 kbps + covers

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Tracklist isn't ok.


what's the matter about tracklist ?

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Sorry for the last Anonyme.

In the rar tracks 4 (Let Me Pass) and 6 (Boss Hog) are interchanged.

Anyhow, thanks for the LP and thanks for your blog.

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A thousand thank yous!