JOHNNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS Thunderstorm in Detroit cd 2002 320 kbps
Pipeline /London Boys / Too Much Junky Business / Chatter Box / All By Myself / Let Go / I Dont Want You / Do You Love Me / Get Off The Phone / Chinese Rocks / Great Big Kiss.
Recorded live in Detroit at the Silverbird 12/21/80.
Produced by Motor City Music.
That night, the Heartbreakers were : Johnny Thunders : guitar, vocals / Walter Lure : guitar, vocals / Tony Curio : bass / Billy Rogers : drums.
This 11-track concert album presents raucous rocker Johnny Thunders and his Heartbreakers performing at Detroit's Silverbird venue in 1980.
" ... It's immediately obvious to anyone familiar with the shitload of Thunders/Heartbreakers live albums out there that two common threads bind them all - little if any variation in set lists and the liberal use of the word "douchebag" by Thunders and Lure in baiting audiences. For the most part, both Thunders and Waldo are like choirboys (relatively speaking) on "Thunderstorm In Detroit," the closest thing to an insult either of them hurls being a snide comment by Thunders about people around here still building cars. This frees them up to do what they do best - disheveled gutter swill raised to art form level.Beginning with perennial opener "Pipeline," Thunders, Lure, bassist Tony Curio, and drummer Billy Rogers romp through a brief, but deafening white knuckle ride with stops along the way in Thunders ("London Boys," the aforementioned "So Alone"), Heartbreakers ("Too Much Junkie Business," "All By Myself," "Let Go," "Get Off The Phone"), and New York Dolls ("Chatter Box") territory, as well as covers of The Contours' "Do You Love Me," Ramones/Richard Hell's "Chinese Rocks," and George Morton's "Great Big Kiss."Sound quality is probably best summed up with something Thunders once said: "Rock 'n' roll is about attitude. I could care less about technique." If you're reading this, an audiophile experience probably isn't very high on your priority list anyway. Performancewise, slot this one somewhere just under "Live At Max's Kansas City," but miles above most of the bootleg quality discs which chronicle Thunders' disintegration into boorish, drooling, buffoon, albeit an elegant and beautiful boorish, drooling, buffoon. But that's heroin - keeps you young and kills you early." - C. Paull I-94 Bar

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JOHNNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS Thunderstorm in Detroit 320 kbps + covers

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Thanks a lot for sharing this one...I havent heard this album yet...should be great.
Sons of the dolls rocks big time.
Best Dan.

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Thanks for the JT!!

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Un grand merci pour ce live de JT.

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Muchas gracias amigo por este live pedazo de cd¡¡¡¡
Barry (Spain)

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Love your blog! Now if I could just figure out the downloads. I'm honored you excerpted part of my review.

Best wishes,

Clark Paull
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Hi Clark !
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Your review was very good ...
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