WILD CHILD - Death trip

WILD CHILD Death trip lp 1984 320 kbps
What ever happened to us / Story of life / Dog / Messed up / Lost children / Simple mind / Welcome to my cemetery / Death trip.
Produced by Wild Child.
Wild Child was : Little Jim : vocal, harp, keyboards / Leeroy S. : guitars, backing vocal / Fred : bass, backing vocal / Phil : drums, percussion, keyboards.
A hidden treasure ! That's raw , savaaage ... the Stooges meets the Doors !
Wild child was a french combo ... They came from Marseille to burn Paris !
After a single "Stooge face" & a mini lp "Speedlife O'mind" in 1982 , they recorded their masterpiece "Death trip" (remember the last song on "Raw power" ?) in 1984. An excellent third lp "The next decline" was recorded but never released ... sad story & fucking majors !
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WILD CHILD Death trip 320 kbps + covers

Enjoy it & buy it please !

Anonyme a dit…

An excellent third lp "The next decline" was recorded but never released ... sad story & fucking majors !

please no anger with idiots
> lost time

thank you to open my spirit on the French rock'n'roll

Anonyme a dit…

sir yes sir !

what about the unavaible ones ?
do you have the "stooge face" single ?
if so, any chance of sharing it ?

thanks again


"Speedlife O'mind" the mini-lp will follow with a Max cd cover ...
The single also & maybe more ... stay connected !

Anonymous2 a dit…

Thank you so much. Have it on vynil, next to Speed of Life (wchih I do prefer) but i never had the chance to hear Stooge Face, nor had i ever hear of another album - so I can barely wait for your future uploads

limburg a dit…

Doors meet the Stooges???

Au moins on va essaiyer, car je connais pas le group

lolo36 a dit…

I'd really like to listen to this french band but impossible for me to download, i can't find the links.

Can someone try and explain me how to proceed?



You just have to click on the title of the post when you're in the blog ...

lolo36 a dit…

Thanks, what a silly boy i am, it was so easy !!!

Anonyme a dit…

Flute, j'arrive trop tard. Jamais entendu autre chose de ce groupe que "Speed life'o mind" que j'ai en vinyl. Merci pour l'ensemble du blog de haute volée.
Puis-je oser espérer un repost?

Anonyme a dit…

I love "Speed life'o'mind".
Never heard anything else.
Re-up please.
Great blog by the way.