ELECTRIC SHADOWS - Break the rules

SINGLES ELECTRIC SHADOWS Break the rules / She's all you got sp 2006 wav
Electric Shadows : Murat : vocals, guitar / Brady : bass, vocals / Dolan : drums, vocals + Aaron L. : bass on this recording / V. Lovely : tambourine.
Recorded by D. Rahn.
The long overdue debut release from New York's Electric Shadows. This is vintage rock n' roll power pop at its finest. The Shadows borrow sounds from The Soft Boys, Flamin Groovies, and The Only Ones with some of the greatest Chuck Berry influenced guitar work we at DMR have ever witnessed. This two song single is what power pop revival should have been like all along.
The "Break the Rules" single first press limited gold vinyl and second press is long gone ... sit tight for the album !
... The ’Shads are currently putting the finishing touches on brand new studio tracks for their debut album & second single...
Check it here and when le lp will be out, buy it there !

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dani b a dit…

Thanks for this ep, sounds very good.

ratboy69 a dit…

Excellent!!! Can't wait for the debut album to come out.