SCREAMING DIZBÜSTERS - The next big thing

SINGLES SCREAMING DIZBÜSTERS The next big thing / He's waitin' sp 1986 N.B.T. records wav
Produced by Arthur Comics.
The Screaming Dizbüsters : Hans Östlund : lead guitar, vocals / Nick Vahlberg : lead vocal , guitar / Frank Minarik : organ , percussion / Jocke Ericson : drums / Björne Fröberg : bass.

The Screaming Dizbüsters were the Nomads (Swd) under disguise, covered The Dictators "The next big thing" & The Sonics "He 's waitin' " . The single was given with the Lindsay Hutton fanzine The Next Big Thing .
And you know what ... like always with the Nomads ... "highly recommended" !!!

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SCREAMING DIZBUSTERS "The next big thing" wav + covers

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