THE VEINS Hollywoodland

THE VEINS Hollywoodland 2004 Garage-Pop records 320 kbps

Everything inbetween / New con / Black flowers / Walk away / Hollywoodland / ... / Magical / Broken / Bruised and burned / Sleep forever / East avenue scene / Dandelion blind /Real thing .

Produced by the Veins .

THE VEINS : Dr Filardo : drums / Dave : vocals / Jet : guitar / Rob Dos : bass .

The Veins are a straight-ahead, heavy rock 'n' roll quartet without the bitter metal aftertaste or the rising bile of punk. Yes, they are loud and yes, they are intense, but unlike many of their contemporaries, they have a melodic ace up their sleeve. Kind of like Gabriel sweetly serenading you with his heavenly horn just before he brains you with it! The music kerrangs, it rages, it roars... you stagger away singing, your ears ringing!

Onstage, singer Dave careens as if in a perpetual free-fall. Lead guitarist Jet's fleet fingers earn him his own slack-jawed fan club on his side of the stage. Dos, the mysterious one with the intense gaze is "hands down, one of the best players I've ever played with" according to Dave. The ensemble is ultimately corralled by Rob's rat-a-tat, outta-the-garage drumming low-key cool. The four members display a common rock denominator... a desire to perform stellar material. Frank Deblase

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THE VEINS Hollywoodland 320 kbps + covers
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Anonyme a dit…

Nice post.

One of the greatest Rock N' Roll bands going around at the moment yet no one knows them.

Would be great if you posted their 1997 album 'The Glorious Sounds Of The Veins'.