THE DIMESTORE HALOES Revolt into style 1998/99 Pelado records 320 kbps

Come bomb with me / Strung out on you / Born to late / Everybody's loves you when you're dead / Plastic doll / Dead end days / Heaven or Hollywood / Wrecked & divine / Heart of thorns /Hopelessly in hate .

The Dimestores Haloes : Chaz Matthews : vocals , lead & accoustic guitars / Marcus Arvan : bass , backing vocals / Jimmy Reject : drums (R.I.P.) /Barry Bang : rhythm guitar , backin' vocals .

Here we have a band of complete social miscreants who barely were able to play a single live show without immense emotional and personal consequences. They were however, brilliant at fusing the best elements of Glam rock (T.Rex, Hanoi Rocks, NY Dolls) with it's bastard son, Punk (Buzzcocks, Heartbreakers) and coming up with something oddly original. They were reviled by the 'punk" elite of their day but loved by the geeks and pseudo-hipsters destined to become the "emo" crowd. Influences like The Replacements and obscure rockabilly only further confused the hipsters and further endeared them to the geeks. I've seen them live, and yes, I miss them. Rock 'n' roll just ain't the same.

Pelado Records signed them. They had about ten different line ups, but they always seemed to have kinda weird people in the band who were interesting. they never chose the standard hipster types to be in their band.

They had records out and for a year or two ('98-'99) it seemed every magazine about punk rock that you'd pick up had an interview with them.I've seen them play in front of ten people and i've seem them play in front of like three hundred. They were never any different. You know how people say "they played every show like it was sold out?" Well the Haloes played like there was three people there, every gig, whether there were 20 people or 300. they just did not give a crap. Never looked at the audience, never asked them if they were having a good time. They seemed to want people to be uncomfortable and somewhat threatened. They liked to play really loud and out of tune and annoy you and see what you would do. Their final line up was the best in the "rocknroll" sense. They finally learned how to play and how to play TO the crowd. That last line up could have really gone places and done some big business. But it didn't matter. They cut their last album and broke up.That last album has come out, finally on Fullbreach Kicks/Pelado Records(2005).In August of 2006, Haloes drummer Jimmy Reject took his own life. Rest In Peace Jimmy Reject. Jimmy has two books available, try eBay or amazon.com.

Lorne Behrman is playing with various NYC soul/rock bands.Marcus Arvan is in the Arizona band Year Of Acceleration. Chaz Matthews has released a great solo album called "Amazing Graceless" on Full Breach Kicks . He is currently working on more of the same.

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The Dimestore Haloes : "Revolt into style" 320kbps + covers

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