THE FORGOTTEN REBELS This ain't Hollywood... This is rock & roll

THE FORGOTTEN REBELS This ain't hollywood... This is rock& roll 1981 Star records 320 kbps
Hello Hello / Tell Me You Love Me / This Aint Hollywood / Don't Hide Your Face / Memory Lane / Surfin' On Heroin / Rhona Barrett / The Me Generation / England Keep Yer Stars / Eve Of Destruction / Your Own Little World / Save The Last Dance For Me / It Wont Be Long .
Produced by Bob Bryden .
The Forgotten Rebels: Mickey De Sadist: voice, guitar / Robert Allan: drums / John Welton: bass / Mike Mirabella: guitar.
These Ontario glam punks lead off their first LP with a buzz-saw version of Gary Glitter's "Hello Hello" and then blast a perfect merseybeat melody into the Ramonized present. Elsewhere, they cover "Eve of Destruction," go "Surfin' on Heroin" and vent their frustration about the balance of rock trade in "England Keep Yer Stars." Throughout, singer Mickey DeSadist fights off an overactive echo chamber as the other three Rebels pound out efficient wall-of-guitar punk.
The second LP finds the revamped Rebels in a much more aggressive mood, cursing a lot and resembling Sham 69 on shoutalong choruses like "Bomb the Boats and Feed the Fish" and "In Love with the System." In spots, DeSadist affects an outdated Johnny Rotten voice. The subject matter is similarly well-trod: "Rich and Bored," "Elvis Is Dead," "The Punks Are Alright" (rewriting the Who's "Kids Are Alright"). Also, the playing is fancier, with dynamics and arrangements that often resemble early Clash. It's a weird mixture: pop-punk/straight punk. Not very inventive, but a highly enjoyable throwback.
Thanks to Fabien & Manu for music and scans !
Artwork by Max !

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The Forgotten Rebels: "This ain't Hollywood... This is rock'n'roll" 320 kbps + cd covers by Max !

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