V/A Welcome to our nightmare - A tribute to Alice Cooper 1993 Triple X records 320 kbps

Disc 1 : DRAMARAMA : Reflected / WALLISON LADMOH : Levity ball / JOHN TRUBEE & THE UGLY JANITORS OF AMERICA : Refrigerator heaven / OF CABBAGES AND KINGS : Lay down and die , goodbye / RUBBER CITY REBELS : Caught in a dream / LYDIA LUNCH & ROWLAND S. HOWARD : Black juju / BUG LAMP : Second coming -Ballad of Dwight Fry / FLAMING LIPS : Sun arise / BULIMIA BANQUET : Under my wheels / HAUNTED GARAGE : Halo of flies / CHRIS CONNELY : Desperado .

Disc 2 : SHADOW PROJECT : Dead babies -Killer / REVERB MOTHERFUCKERS : School's out / CLAW HAMMER : Generation landslide / ROYAL COURT OF CHINA : Working up a sweat / TYLA : Teenage lament / COLD ETHYL : Welcome to my nightmare / CARNIVAL ART : Cold ethyl / THE HANGMEN : Only woman bleed / SLOPPY SECONDS : Serious / THEY EAT THEIR OWN : Clones / DUTCHESS DE SADE : Pain / THE VANDALS : Poison .

The really good thing about this disc is the selection of songs covered. It could have been limited to his "hits", but these bands pulled out a few of the more obscure titles. The performance of the songs are another matter. While some of the covers are actually pretty cool, others seemed like they were not taking them seriously. I did not know any of the bands doing this cd so I wasn't sure what to expect. Most of the music is kind of heavy in a post punk sense. An interesting addition for the Alice Cooper fan . Royal Court Of China, Dramarama , the Hangmen do a great job . My favorite by far is The Rubber City Rebels version of "Caught In A Dream". Not only is this a very underated A.C. track (written by Michael Bruce) but the rebels happen to be a great band too !

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Welcome to our nightmare : a tribute to A.Cooper 320 kbps + covers

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Thanks...this is so great.
Cheers Dan.

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I had this great tribute compilation on cd many years ago. Please, re-up: links are dead!

Congratulations for yor blog, and thanks!