THE HUMPERS Plastique Valentine

THE HUMPERS Plastique Valentine 1997 Epitath 320 kbps

Plastique Valentine / For lovers only / Anemia / Mutate with me / Fable of luv / Make-up / Sick of tomorrow today / Here comes nothing / With a whip / Dummy got a lunch / Chump change / Say goodbye / Mongrel train.

The Humpers 96 : Billy Burks : guitar , vocals , sitar / Trucker Cartwright : bass, vocals / Scott "Deluxe" Drake : vocals / Mark "Anarchy" Lee : guitar , vocals , sitar/ Jim Silveroli : drums , vocals .

The Humpers' second Epitaph album, Plastique Valentine, isn't markedly different from either "Journey to the Center of Your Wallet" of "Postively Sick on 4th Street", but it does deliver a gritty, post-Stooges garage-guitar grind. Though the songwriting is a bit limited — it's hard to find a hook anywhere on the record — its gut-wrenching, visceral rush is harder and more punk than most of the Humpers punk-revivalist contemporaries.

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Humpers : Plastique Valentine 320 kbps + artwork

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planckzoo a dit…

The Humpers were a great band, they have sort of reformed and are playing some shows now.

vex_voxtone a dit…

This album is the best cure for broken heart. I remember one time when I had a girl trouble, a friend of mine suggested me a six pack and Plastique valentine by The Humpers.
It worked !!! ;)