THE BLACK JETTS Right on sound cd 2005
Thrill city / I just wanna be loved / When I was A young boy / Your love ain't so strong / Get ready / All sexed up / One nite stand / Hooked / You can't kill what's already dead / Right on sound .
Produced by The Black Jetts .
The Black Jetts: Cabe Stiff : vocals , guitar , piano , organ / Roy Page: guitar , blues harp / Thomas Choi : bass , vocals / Gary Wright: drums , piano , organ .
Good to know Las Vegas isn't all about family-friendly sin-there's still some of the old-fashioned, hide-it-from-the-spouse, feel-bad-about-it-in-the-morning kind left as well. The Black Jetts' powerhouse punk & roll speaks of long nights, rough sex and the kind of memories that put a smile on your face while jeopardizing your chances of ever getting into Heaven. Sure, the Dead Boys have done this before, but they're not around anymore and the Black Jetts are, so come get your speakers and other sundry body parts blown - Michael Toland
It’s fitting that their home base is Las Vegas, as "Right On Sound" has the good times and bad vibes of Sin City. It’s reminiscent of greasy hair and cheap suits and big ol’ gas guzzling American cars from the ’60s.That said, The Black Jetts are all about the retro rock. There are the usual culprits in their sound – the MC5, the Stooges, early Kiss, the Stones, and so on. On top of that, you get some classic Alice Cooper and Elvis Costello and the Attractions. The overall result is pretty solid rock, similar to a less manic RPG and more inclined to spice up songs with organ and blues harp. While there aren’t any particular songs that stand out, there aren’t any bad originals (...and their cover of Smokey Robinson and the Miracle’s “Get Ready” is fabulous ! ).
Those into "All Night" or "Drunk Horse" could dig The Black Jetts. They’re mining the same territory. I can tell they’ve got the talent and attitude to appeal to fans of that style of rock.

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The Black Jetts : Right on sounds
320 kbps + covers (thank Max for the "Bleed me" & "Right on sound" booklets)

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