THE REAL KIDS Down to you

SINGLES THE REAL KIDS Down to you 1999 TKO Records 320 kbps

Down to you / Make it go away / I'll say it / Something bad .

Produced by The Real Kids & Jim Siegel

The Real Kids 1999 (original line-up ) : John Felice : guitar , vocals / Allen "Alpo" Paulino : bass / Billy Biorgoli : guitar / Howard Ferguson : drums .

Lead by singer/songwriter John Felice, the Real Kids exploded onto the club scene playing long-forgotten tunes from the '50s by the likes of Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly. As well as Felice's dazzling, punky originals such as "Solid Gold (Thru and Thru)", "Taxi Boys", "Just Like Darts" and the classic anthem "All Kindsa Girls". All of these tunes were captured on their self-titled debut release for Marty Thau's Red Star Records in 1978. "The Real Kids" remains one of the best debut albums in the history of rock'n'roll.

As for Felice, he's continued to bounce around the Boston rock'n'roll scene for thirty years--ever since he was the 15 year-old guitarist in Jonathan Richman's Modern Lovers. His various bands (including the Taxi Boys, the Primevals and the Devotions) have played to much critical acclaim and cult worship, but little music biz success.

This cd (there's also a 7' version in blue vinyl) is the last Real Kids ep ! Only a live single & the Norton ( Stones covers) sp will follow.

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Real Kids : Down to you ep 320 kbps + artwork

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the real kids !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great band!