D GENERATION D Generation 1994 Chrysalis records 320 kbps

No way out / Sins of America / Guitar mafia / Feel like suicide / Waiting for the next big parade / Falling / Wasted years / Stealing time / Ghosts / Frankie / Working on the avenue / Vampire nation / Degenerated .

Produced by David Bianco .

D Generation : Jesse Malin :vocals / Danny Sage : guitar , vocals / Richard Bacchus : guitar , vocals / Howie Pyro : bass / Michael Wildwood : drums .

DGeneration was a band that exploded out of New York City in1991, quickly gaining a reputation for their blistering live shows. The band played their first show at the Greendoor space in NYC on December 7, 1991 and returned home for a final curtain call at Coney Island High in on April 24, 1999. During their 8 year run, they released 3 major-label albums on EMI/Chrysalis (“DGeneration”) and Sony/C2 Records (“No Lunch”, “Through the Darkness”) as well as several EPs and contributed to a number of compilation and soundtrack albums. All of the former members are still active in various projects.

This was D Gen's first album which, although it generated a huge buzz in the industry, was given an incredibly low amount of publicity by Chrysalis's parent company, EMI, when that organization came under new management in 1995. The production also leaves something to be desired (even the band was not happy with it). When D Gen left Chrysalis and signed with Columbia in 1995, the band bought back the rights to this album and it is now out of print (according to the band, the master tapes were tossed into the East River). You can still find copies around, although they are becoming harder to find. The album contains re-recorded versions of the four songs from their 1993 indie releases and the version of "Degenerated" found on the "No God / Degenerated" promo 10-inch single. It should be noted that this record was only released on CD and cassette and that the vinyl copies which are floating around out there are bootlegs.

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DGeneration 320 kbps + covers

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Anonyme a dit…

i love this album, D Generation were such a cool band!!!

Capitain Poon a dit…

Great band. Cheers Midnight Rambler

Howie Pyro a dit…

hey thanks! glad to see the record available...
howie pyro