V/A A TRIBUTE TO HANOI ROCKS 11th Street tales 2000 Feed Back Boogie/Guru records 320 kbps

BUBBLE : Taxi driver / HUNDRED MILLIONS MARTIANS : I can't get it / HARDCORE SUPERSTAR : Don't you ever leave me / AMERICAN HEARTBREAK : Rebel on the run / NEIL LEYTON : 11th Street kids / HIGHSCHOOL HELLCATS : I want you / SOLD OUT SWEETHEARTS : Oriental beat / THE ALLEY 'GATORS : Problem child / JEFF DAHL & THE STREET WALKIN' CHEETAHS : Cafe Avenue / MARYSLIM : Malibu Beach nightmare / WEASEL FACE : Until I get you / THE JETSET : Futurama / BELA KISS : Shakes / THE HELSINGFORS PROSTITUTES : Visitors / THE JACKALS : Back to mystery city .

In every rock'n'roll story there are always the classic elements of romance and tragedy . From E. Presley to J. Thunders, the MC5 or Ziggy Stardust , the tragedies that ultimately envelop the romantic protagonists also surround the legends that remain long after untimely ends .

Hanoi Rocks are about the stuff legends are made of ; Hanoi are about romance , tragedy and there are the stuff of legend : rock'n'roll legends, in fact !

For the uninitiated , Hanoi Rocks were poised to become the next Rolling Stones circa 1984 , when the untimely death of Razzle undid the band : although members of Hanoi Rocks have gone on to release albums of their own and collaborated on other projects , the death of Razzle spelled the end of the band as Hanoi Rocks . Probably the best post-Hanoi Rocks release is Andy Mc Coy's "Two much ain't enough" or his newer release "Buiding on tradition" .

Their six-plus album collection only goes so far into exposing their legend ; their first album especially (Bangkok shocks Saigon shakes Hanoi rocks) exhibits top-noch songwriting from Andy Mc Coy ! To really get the full picture however , you have to see one of their live concerts (official release on Video Plus and a whack of bootlegs available): and you begin to understand Hanoi's sheer rock'n'roll energy and excitement !

If you're an old fan , here's to remembering Hanoi and the mark they made on all our lives ; and if you're a new fan, do yourself the favour of picking up the original recordings that these few tribute covers represent .

You won't be disappointed...

Neil Leyton , 2000 ( inside booklet)

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A TRIBUTE TO HANOI ROCKS : "11th Street tales" 320 kbps + covers

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Enjoy it !

DD a dit…

superbe !

Capitain Poon a dit…

You know the Roy Loney whit Señor No record?

vex_voxtone a dit…

Although I was never very fond of tribute albums, I must admit that this one RAWKS ...
Andy + Mike + Nasty + Sami + Razzle equals MAGIC


DD a dit…

@ TIME !!!!

Brandonio! a dit…

Hey buddy this sounds super great but the links go nowhere.It's about time people take notice to Hanoi Rocks.


Brandonio ,
the links work !

Brandonio! a dit…

Sorry to say it ,but the links do NOT work!

Brandonio! a dit…

I figure it out for some odd reason everytime I copy a link from your site it only paste the first line and that just gets me nowhere.I have to paste the other part after the fist.What a pain in the ass.I prefere site's to simply put a link on the site with the post it's self.I never understood the concept of hiding it in the comments anyway.I mean everyone knows whats going on.I just saying.Hate to be a nit picker.

Love15 (Enzo) a dit…

Merci ! Il n'y a pas beaucoup de fans des Hanoi Rocks à Paris, mais ce qui est rare est cher.

Anonyme a dit…

Links are working.
This is one of the better tribute albums I've ever listened to.

I was real disappointed with "Twelve Shots on the Rocks" in 2003, but this album is a reminder that McCoy and Monroe and company laid down some timeless fucking shit.