THE BEAT ANGELS Unhappy hour 1996 Epiphany Records 320 kbps

Hungover with Jenny / Grow up / The most beautiful loser in town / Idiot train / Too much jazz / Scaredy cat / I love you , sometimes / Name your trash / She's a setting sun / Jaded / Don't kiss me .

Produced by Gilby Clarke .

BEAT ANGELS : Kevin Pate : bass / Keith Jackson : guitars , backin' vocals / Jon Norwood : drums , percussion , backin' vocals / Brian Smith : vocals , tambourine / Mickael Brooks : guitars, background vocals .

The absence of Guns N' Roses left an enormous gap in the glam metal sweepstakes by the mid-'90s (due to Axl putting the group on indefinite hiatus), but several bands attempted to fill the void, such as similarly styled Phoenix rockers Beat Angels formed in 1994. Comprised of members Michael Brooks and E. Keith Jackson (guitar), Tommy Caradonna (bass), Brian Smith (vocals), and Frankie Hanyak (drums), the group issued a pair of recordings for the Epiphany label in the late '90s — 1996's "Unhappy Hour With..." and 1997's "Red Badge of Discourage" — the latter of which was produced by former Guns 'N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke.

"Beat Angels hate bios. Beat Angels hate other things too but let's not get into it. Beat Angels also played with other people but who cares?
Beat Angels dig lots of things. Neal & Jack. Jim Thompson & Ann Margaret. Clash 45's & cheap Mexican souvenirs. Women with a past. Johnny Thunders & Dean Martin. The lost weekend & 101 dalmations. Beatle boots & loud guitars. Midnight Cowboy & Bruce Lee. Myrna Loy & cocktail hour & all those Cheap Trick singles...
So whatcha gonna do about it? "

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Beat Angels : "Unhappy hour with ..."
320 kbps + complete covers

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Enjoy it !

DD a dit…

GOooOD !!

vex_voxtone a dit…

BEAT ANGELS !!!! ... well what can I say ... ONE HELL OF A BAND
Thanx man

michael a dit…

Greetings! Thanks for featuring my band. We're in great company here. Keep up the great work and keep this stuff alive. Somebody's got to do it!

If you're interested in featuring the 3rd, unreleased album by beat angels let me know.

Anonyme a dit…

Hell, I'M interested in the third, unreleased, album!

I somehow missed this band in the 90s. I went from listening to Nirvana to listening to shitty punk bands. I didn't really get into REAL rock n roll til later.

Thanks for introducing me to the music of Beat Angel (who I probably would've confused with beatniks or beat happening otherwise)!


The unreleased third album by the Beat Angels will be post very soon on the SOTD blog!
Max is working on the cd covers !
We thank Michael again for this sending & for his patience ..

barkingdog a dit…

The link is dead, any chance of a re-up, it would be hugely appreciated.