THE JONESES - Tits and Champagne

THE JONESES Tits and champagne 2006 FBK records 320 kbps
I wanna buy you a ring / Tits and champagne / Your cheatin' heart / Steamin' / Bad attitude* / Route 66 / Pill box (bonus track) .
Produced by The Joneses .
THE JONESES : Jeff Drake : guitar , vocals / Greg Kuehn : piano / Steve Olson : bass / Mike Sessa : drums .
+ guitars : Matt Rosney / Mark Wahlsdorf / Alex Gibson*.
Out of all the rock ‘n’ roll sleaze bands in Hollywood during the 1980s, The Joneses are recognized as coming first and being the toughest and most honest of them all. This no-nonsense group of trash rockers, led by the charismatic Jeff Drake, were a hot-blooded mix of the New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, and Eddie Cochran, too glam for punk and too punk for rock. If the term “trashy rock ‘n’ roll” could only apply to one band, The Joneses would take the label in spades.
Their music was raw and powerful, their style a mix of their predecessors. They lived the sleazy rock ‘n’ roll life like they invented it, with clever songs about their tales of pills, booze, chicks, and decadence. The Joneses brought their own definition of cool to the table, youthful yet timeless, fierce yet endearing, and drugged up and drunk the whole time. Their music was pure punk fueled rock ‘n’ roll aggression, sung with ‘50s style melody but coming hard with ‘80s Los Angeles aggression.
Unfortunately, The Joneses had all the right parts but were not recognized for being the unique forbearers they were. To say these rockers were cool wouldn’t be saying enough. They were the symbol of cool on the Hollywood strip, and they were what rock ‘n’ roll was and is really about. No posturing or false chic – they were the real deal, the real sleaze with the real sound of the street.
Artwork by Max !

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The Joneses : "Tits and Champagne"320 kbps + artwork by Max !

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Enjoy it !

Anonyme a dit…

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can you re-up it ?


The link WORKS !

Nazz Nomad a dit…

thanks alot!

Anonyme a dit…

good post

vex_voxtone a dit…

This is BRILLIANT!!!!
You outdone yourself one more time my friend. There will never be a band like JONESES again. THANX MAN!!!
... and for all you Joneses fans out there,check this shit out ... NOW!!!!


JoeMeat a dit…

Excelent! Great Blog!!! daily visit guaranteed!! What about their "Keeping Up with the Joneses" album? 'You got it? It would be the icing on the cake! Thanks!


I'll put first "Criminal History" (SFTRI) on a few days !

Roger a dit…

..."Criminal" (their best record)and "Tits & Champagne" EPs are available on 1 CD (Full Breach Kicks)


Right !!!on the great Full Breach Kicks records !!! and the both are also available on vinyl !
...and it's not finish for The Joneses : a better version of "Criminal History" than on SFTRI , a DVD! and always "Keep up with the Joneses" on cd !
Viva Full Breach Kicks !

lectible a dit…

Thanks for this, all the Riot on the Rocks volumes & all the other great music. I only wish I had more time to download!! Too much good music on your site.

Anonyme a dit…

Most of this is on the SFTRI cd "Criminal History." And I think the whole thing is remastered on "Criminal History Revisted" on Full Breach Kicks.
I just went to the Full Breach website, though, and I don't think it's been updated in like a year....
I still want to track down a copy of Criminal History Revisted.