V/A Attack from the planet of the Devil Dogs : a tribute to the greatest rock'n'roll band in the universe 2004 Head dip records 320 kbps

REV. NORB : Intro / BORIS THE SPRINKLER : Jump on you / THE PEAWEES : Baby I'm a king / THE MUD CITY MANGLERS : Twist & burn / THE SPITFIRES : 354 / PETER PAN SPEEDROCK : My GTO / THE GASOLHEADS : Ball me out / THE ALLEY GATORS : Gonna see you tonight / THE DEMANDS : Chinatown / HOSS : Back in the city / THE SAFES : Annalisa / THE DED BUGS : Palisades Park / THE NEUROTIC SWINGERS : Get out / THE SNAKESKIN BOOTS : Backstage / THE NEW BOMB TURKS : Radiobeat / THE DELOREANS : Gonna be my girl / THE UDSON FALCONS : North shore bitch / THE PHENOMS : They 're not around / ALCOHOLIC HELLTONES : It's not easy / SATURDAY NIGHT KIDS : Don't do it / THE LEGHOUNDS : Get on your knees / RUTH'S HAT : Big fuckin' party / THE EARACHES : Brand new chewy / THE JERRY SPIDER GANG : Higher the heel / THE ULCERS : Stay out all night / THE SHORT FUSES : Pussywhipped / ADAM WEST : Go on girl / THE GUNG HO'S : Get in line / THE MANGANZOIDES : Lame al perro .

While recording an album in 1989, New York City punk band the Rat Bastards imploded due to typical musical differences, and two members, Andy Gortler (guitar, vocals) and Steve Baise (bass, vocals), carried on with the project as the Devil Dogs. Influenced particularly by '60s trash rock (Sonics, Wailers), the Phil Spector "Wall of Sound," and the big New York punk sound of the '70s (Ramones, New York Dolls, Dictators), the Devil Dogs went on to release a slew of LPs, EPs, live albums, and 45s ("Big beef bonanza" , "We three kings" , "Saturday night fever" etc..). Gortler originally formed a band called Gilligan's Revenge in the early '80s, which became Token Entry and then Black Train Jack after his departure. Baise played in a New Jersey-based surf/punk combo, PT109, before joining the Rat Bastards. Drummer "Mighty" Joe Vincent, who also played in PT109, joined the group in 1991. When "Saturday night fever " is issued in 1993 , it's nothing but a "big fat blast" , celebrated as a top-notch album back then and celebrated as a "goddamn masterpiece"and perhaps the best punk records of the nineties nowadays .

Anyway , the sad thing was that God's Own Rock'n'Roll Band split up in the late 94 , cause ... nobody seems to know really .

Being regarded as "thee Punk and roll band" now , they still play in various combos , as Andy in the fab Roller Kings , Steve first in the Vikings and then the Secrets plus a ton more and Joe first in the Prissteens then the Bomb Pops .

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F.....g NICE DAY !!!!!!!!
avec 2 tributes fabuleux
sons of the dolls
save my rainy day


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Could someone update the links?


Link updated ! Just click on the title ...


A TRIBUTE TO THE DEVILS DOGS 320 kbps + complete covers

Enjoy it & leave comment !

Anonyme a dit…

Links working fine. Pretty kick-ass comp here.

I like that it includes tunes not written by the Devil Dogs, but that the Devil Dogs nevertheless made all their own.