CERTAIN GENERAL These are the days 1999 Fantastica/Pias 320 kbps

Killer in our house / Bad way / Love life / Time & temperature / All young lovers / Will you / Desperate hour / Susie's waiting / Lose myself / Getaway car / My favorite alibi / Fire / Young for the sun / The kept / She's got mine / Without love .

Certain general :Parker Dulany - voice and guitar / Sprague Hollander - guitar, piano, voice, and organ / Kevin Tooley - drums, producing / Drew Vogelman - drums / Ivan Julian - keyboards and guitar .

A contradiction by definition, New York's Certain General was the only post-punk/pop band to emerge from No New York's ashes. With short angular pop songs they slashed their way across the dance floors for the cool. Over their 25 year career, all of their recordings and releases are the only contradictions to this band's invisible status. From before the first vinyl EP HOLIDAY OF LOVE (1982 Labor Records) to their present CD release INVISIBLE NEW YORK (2006 Easy Action Records), Certain General has continued to write and perform important songs.

Formed in New York's East Village in 1980 the band was immediately hailed by press and music fans as an original and provocative new band, and quickly built a very large word-of-mouth reputation as their following grew and word spread of their incredible live shows and tours. After extensive performing in the U.S. and Canada the band toured England in 1984 with fellow NYC compatriots, The Band of Outsiders. That year also saw the self-release of the FAR AWAY IN AMERICA LP, (also with The Band of Outsiders) and Certain General soon reached an agreement with French label Invitation au Suicide to license new recordings.

In 1984 Invitation Au Suicide released the LP NOVEMBER'S HEAT to rave reviews in the press, winning album and band of the year accolades in France. The French public were fascinated by the rhythms and poems of Certain General and the band has been based in both New York and Paris since. From 1985 until 1991, the band released three 5 star albums in France: THESE ARE THE DAYS, CABIN FEVER and JACKLIGHTER (the latter two for the prestigious French Barclay Label).

The collaboration of original singer Parker Dulany and guitarist Phil Gammage since the late 90s have resulted in many new Certain General projects. In 1998 CBGB's Records released SIGNALS FROM THE SOURCE a collection of songs written between 1980 and 1982, as a mix of old and new recordings in America; and Stereo Fantastica Records re-released the "notorious bootleg" THESE ARE THE DAYS. In January 2000 NOVEMBER'S HEAT was finally released in the U.S. on Alive!/Bomp Records. The overdue American debut of this recording has given the rest of the world more exposure to this landmark record. "It is time for Certain General to come in from the obscure" writes Twisterella Magazine in Sweden. Other recent CD releases include a 2001's LIVE AT THE PUBLIC THEATRE -- a recording of the spring '01 Public Theatre show (the band's first documented live album) and a double CD documenting the years 1980-1984, called AN INTRODUCTION TO WAR.From the band's first performance opening for DNA in 1980 to now, Certain General's public performances have been events, concerts, and parties. The band is the contradiction. Brutally beautiful. Certain General.

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CERTAIN GENERAL These are the days 320 kbps + complete covers

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roamin' empire a dit…

great "forgotten" band. fantastic record.
thanks alot for this!
keep on keepin* on

geololo a dit…

Salut Rambler, le lien est mort, hélàs ! Je ne connais d'eux que leur album November's Heat de 1984, superbe. Une petite chance que cet excellent groupe oublié des 80's soit réactualisé à travers le lien? Merci d'avance.

Momus a dit…

Bravo pour le blog ! Est-il possible de faire un petit reup pour ce grand groupe ?

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Même demande que Momus.
Pourrait-on avoir un re-post de ce superbe album de CERTAIN GENERAL ?


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