THE JOHNNYS - Highlights Of A Dangerous Life

THE JOHNNYS Highlights of a dangerous life 1986 lp/cd Closer/Mushroom records 320 kbps
1-(There's gonna be a) Showdown / 2-The day Marty Robbins died /3- Injun Joe /4- Move it / 5-The edge of death /6- Green back dollar /7- Bleeding heart / 8-Way of the west /9- Deadmen from boot hill /10- Slip slap fishin' /11- Mountain man /12- I think you're cute* /13- Cannonball* /14- Rebel yell* /15- My buzzsaw baby (really cut me up)* .
*Bonus tracks
Tracks 1 to 11,13 & 14 produced by Ross Wilson ,12 by Cameron Allen & 15 produced by Steve Nieve .
Sydney band The Johnnys came together more as a good-time , fun band than everything else . The joke was good enough for the band to strech it out for seven years , fuelled by endless touring and countless gallons of beer along the pub-rock road to hell . Early on , the press dubbed The Johnnys' style as "cow-punk", which was a convenient handle to describe the band's blend of punk attitude , rock'n'roll riffs, country-honk beats , leather chaps and stetson hats .
Formed by Roddy Radalj , one originals of Australia's punk rock heritage , the band started out as a three-piece . In early 1983, New Zealand born Spencer P. Jones (guitar , vocals ; ex Cuban Heels , Beats Working , North 2 Alaskans , Olympic Sideburns ) joined .
The new, four-piece Johnnys line-up issued a one-off single on the Regular label , "I think you're cute / Mountain man". The single's picture cover bore the legend "The Johnnys are Regular Little Monsters", which summed the band up perfectly . Radalj wandered off in early 1984 to form Love Rodeo and Jones assumed lead vocals .The band signed to Green label for the 7-inch single "My buzzsaw baby/ Slip slap fishin" and the 12-inch EP "The Johnnys" which also contained "My buzzsaw baby".
From there The Johnnys signed to Mushroom records for their hit singles , "Injun Joe/Cannonball" 1985 , Gamble and Huff's "(There's gonna be a) Showdown / Rebel yell" 1986 and "Bleeding Heart / My buzzsaw baby " june 1986 . All three single A-sides were lifted from the band's debut album , Ross Wilson-produced album "Highlights of a dangerous life" (august 1986), which concentrated on a straighter rock'n'roll approach .
Thanks to Fabien & Manu for music and scans .
Artwork by Max ... with 2 different trays and inlays !

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The Johnnys : "Highlights of a dangerous life" 320 kbps + artwork by Max !

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