COMMANDOS Edge of town 1985 Torso/Boudisque 320 kbps

Tell me why / Hwy 90 / Morning train / Edge of town / Baby don't be blue / The first hard frost / My little sister / The late show / Mad and sad / The public square .

Produced by Vince Mc Garry

Commandos : Gary Felton : lead guitar , guitar / Suzy Elkins : vocals , rhythm / Jean-Jacques Barrera : bass , vocals / Ram Garza : drums .

....Austin seemed like the perfect place. "We weren't really country enough for Nashville but were too back roads to fit in somewhere like LA or New York. Besides, Austin was the 'Live Music Capital of the World,' and we wanted to play!" Suzy spent a total of eleven years in Austin, not including a three-year break back in Mississippi with a band called The Drapes which also included Webb Wilder, Rick "Casper" Rawls, Gene Brandon, Mark Hagg, and Bruce Tinnin. The Drapes released a four-song ep, The Drapes, on Sharp Circle Records. Her main Austin band was The Commandos with partner and co-writer, Phareaux. The Commandos released several cuts including an album, Edge of Town, on Austin Records (and toured Finland), a cut on the Ten from Texas: Herd It through the Grapevine compilation album for Elektra, a Halloween 45, The Commandos, on Jungle Records, a cut on the Live at the Continental Club compilation album for Profile, and the title cut on the Halloween compilation album, Haunted Motel, for Boffo Records. "Austin is my second home. It was a great place to play live and hone my skills. It's also a place that nurtured originality."

See Suzy Elkins biography here :

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Commandos "Edge of town" 320 kbps + artwork as usual by MAX !

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Enjoy it !

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Thanks Pokem,
I will certainly post the extended cd version of November's Heat , Cabin Fever , Jacklighter & Parker D. Band ...later

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I look forward to it

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good stuff, thanks!

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