REDD KROSS - Third eye

REDD KROSS Third eye 1990 Atlantic 320 kbps
The faith healers / Annie's gone /I don't know how to be your friend / Shonen knife / Bubblegum factory / Where I am today / Zira (call out my name) / Love is not love / 1976 /Debbie & Kim / Elephant flares .
Produced & engineered by Michael Vail Blum.
Redd Kross : Jeffrey Mac Donald : vocals , guitar /Steven Mac Donald : bass , vocals / Robert Hecker : guitar , vocals + Victor Endrizzo : drums , vocals /Peter Le Vine : keyboards .

Redd Kross reached its peak in the early 1980s, when the band made such humorous and clever contributions to punk rock as "Linda Blair." As the '80s progressed, Kross got away from punk and went for cleaner, less reckless alternative rock and power-pop. Those who play 1990's "Third Eye" next to Kross' early recordings will hear just how radically the band changed over the years. Whether rocking aggressively on "Shonen Knife," going for a very melodic "jangly guitar" approach on "Annie's Gone" and "I Don't Know How to Be Your Friend" or sounding positively Beatlesque on "Bubblegum Factory," Kross shows just how far it has come since the irreverent, freewheeling aggression of "Linda Blair." While some punk enthusiasts missed the old Kross, this decent though not outstanding CD proves that the band was still worthwhile at the dawn of the '90s. AMG

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REDD KROSS Third eye 320 kbps + complete covers

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Enjoy it !

YankeeBoy a dit…

I guess it's just a matter of taste but to me this is Redd Kross at their best. I soooooo love this album and I have a hard time believing it is so totally out of print and hard to find. Thanks for posting at such a nice high bitrate

vex_voxtone a dit…

I agree with ya man !!!!
... this is Redd Kross' finest moment. I really like how they do early KISS tricks on "1976" ... who were always their obvious influences and also powerpoppy "Bubblegum Factory" ... McDonald bros FOREVERR !
Thanx for this one bro!!!!

vex_voxtone a dit…

Yea one more thing ... I read this somewhere and this line perfectly describes Redd Kross music ...
"In a better world, Redd Kross would be topping the charts and Britney Spears would be taking orders at a fast food joint." ... isn't that true?

eric a dit…

Rhino is going to reissue this CD, it is due on on JUNE 10th 2008. Redd Kross are slowly working on a new LP,hopefully it will come out sometime this year, but I am not holding my breath.
I really enjoy this LP,I found a vinyl copy last week,so now I own it on cassette, cd and vinyl!

Anonyme a dit…

can you upload phaseshifter and show world

thank you

sweetbeats a dit…

Gonna Blow you a kiss in the wind !



Anonyme a dit…

Hello, everyone! I think it is appropriate to write here, as here brought together people who know the band Redd Kross. Somebody tell me what you know about the song "It's a Scream" group Redd Kross. The official release or not? In any kind of official CD Group Redd Kross has it? Who knows, please give information about this song. I know just what it recorded as a Soundtrack for the movie "Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday The 13th." But, the official CD Soundtrack is no film. I found this song just as 160kbps. Can someone tell me where to download it in high quality (eg 320kbps)?


Redd Kross have done "It's a Scream" for the 2000 film "Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday The Thirteenth" but no soundtrack & the song was never released on CD.
I don't have it in my MP3 collection & I don't know where you can find it on the webb
Maybe you can try to buy the VHS tape or the DVD (if it exists) to rip the song