V/A Sons of Guns : 15 new bands with an appetite for destruction 2006 Future 320 kbps

THE SUBSTITUTES : Taken a life time / JOHNNY VASHER : Mentally slummin' / HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES : Loaded soul / SEX SLAVES : All night long / DRUGDEALER CHEERLEADER : Fireworks / CRUD : Glue / THE NASTYS : FFW / THE EROTICS : Rock'n'roll killing machine / STEREO JUNKS : Suicide angel / KILL CITY : Dyin' for love / STRAP ON SALLY : Let's explode / THE BAD DAYS : Addicted to rock'n'roll / HELLSUCKERS : Chinese mad /LOFREQ : Naughty , naughty / GOLDEN GODS : Dynamite lady .

One of the easiest jobs in the world has got to be reviewing a compilation put together by Sleazegrinder, because there’s just no disputing the man’s bat-like ability to sniff out the most feral, law crushing, caustic rock n’ roll on this planet and cram it ass end first on to one holier than fuck album. Actually, check that. One of the easiest jobs in the world has got to be compiling a holier than fuck album with the most feral, law crushing, caustic rock n’ roll bands crammed ass end on to it…if your name is Sleazegrinder, that is. He did it with Cock N’ Roll, and again with Snake Oil Supercharm, and now here he is for a third time doing what he does best – feeding your brain, corrupting your soul, and crushing your nuts – proving once again that he is the big boss of sleazy rawk.

Now, I’m not saying Sleazegrinder wouldn’t have come up with the idea of a Guns N’ Roses-inspired compilation on his own, because he certainly would have and my guess is the wheels were already turning, but it was at the urging of his reputable employers at Classic Rock, one of the world’s premiere rock magazines, that Sleazegrinder undertook this Molotov cocktail of a project. As CR says, “Sleazegrinder is our expert in these matters and we set him the task of finding 15 of the sleaziest heirs to GN’R’s throne from around the world.” So here it is, Sons of Guns, a brawling, reckless, amped up collection of sleaze metal and punk n’ roll from some of the most dangerous bands in the world today. I mean, pretty soon we’re all gonna give up on Chinese Democracy (if we haven’t already), and we don’t dare believe in reunion rumors, so it’s about time we started paying attention to the bands who have got that ol’ Axl spirit runnin’ through their slick veins, ‘cause the shit ain’t gonna get much more desperate than this, my friends. Listen, every one of the bands on this album have got at least one element of GN’R’s wild ways workin’ for ‘em, so lets skip past the snakeskin and whiskey hyperbole and get straight to the heart of the matter: you’re gonna love this one for the same reasons you visit this site every day and worship at the super rock revolution alter. All of your Sleazegrinder approved degenerates are present and accounted for, including Johnny Vasher (“Mentally Slummin’”), Sex Slaves (“All Night Long”), The Nastys (“FFW”), The Erotics (“Rock N’ Roll Killing Machine”), Strap On Sally (“Let’s Explode”), Lofreq (“Naughty Naughty”), and The Golden Gods (“Dynamite Lady”), all of ‘em as solid as a stripper’s pay check and worthy of the next of kin honors bestowed upon them here. Hell, they’re all electric, Jack, with the Hollywood Vampires (“Loaded Soul”), Drugdealer Cheerleader (“Fireworks”), Kill City (“Dyin’ for Love”), The Bad Days (“Addicted to Rock N’ Roll”), and Hellsuckers (“Mad Chinese”) delivering some choice action, but for the best of the bunch, dig the chewy crunch and retro bravado of The Substitutes’ “Taken a Lifetime,” the animosity-driven, chainsaw face shot of Crud’s “Glue,” and the flash metal slither of Stereo Junks’ “Suicide Angels.” Basically, if this album was a city, the grass would be green and the girls would be pretty. Jeff Warren on "Sleazegrinder.com"

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