THE SHORT FUSES # 1 1999 JetStar records 320 kbps
Funtimes / Increase the grease / Gutter / Acceleration nation / 100 Points / Lose it / Supercharged / She wants rock action / Maria (bonus track from "How many bands ... a Blondie Tribute") / Pussywhipped (bonus track from "Attack from the planet of the Devil Dogs") .
Produced by T. Ramin

The Short Fuses blasted off from Minneapolis, MN, in 1996, when key members Miss Georgia Peach (lead vocal) and Travis Ramin (lead guitar) left the band Speedway and joined up with Pennsylvania guitarist and third key member Justin Staggs (rhythm guitar). The three, along with a mixture of rhythm sections, have cranked out some of the most powerful and sexy female fronted rock-n-roll in recent history. The first two singles came out right away like a bullet. The first was "Kick It In" b/w "Goof" on Space Race Records and the second, "Ride Me" b/w "No Way", was one of the earliest on 007 records. The success of the singles along with a US tour that had the band sharing the stage with the likes of The Hookers, DGeneration, and The Steel Miners, put the band on a pedestal with their rock contemporaries. Soon after the band began work on their first album "#1", released on Ramin's own Jet Star Records. This release brought the band to many more ears.
Travis Ramin has also composed and produced for a number of artists including : The Short Fuses / Tina & the Total Babes / Candygirl / Nikki Corvette / The Riff Randells / The American Foxes. He is also a band member of The Fevers, and has shared the stage backing up Scott Morgan (Sonic's Rendezvous Band) , Charlie Burton and Nikki Corvette to name a few. His passion is producing girl group records. Currently he is playing guitar in Nikki Corvette & the Stingrays, fronted by the great Nikki Corvette, plays drums for Miss Georgia Peach and is the president of RAMO Records. Futurely will be working with Josie Cotton and Holy and the Italians.

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The Short Fuses : #1 320 kbps + covers

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