THE KINKS Sleepwalker 1977 Arista/Konk records/Velvel 320 kbps

Life on the road / Mr. big man° / Sleepwalker / Brother / Juke box music / Sleepless night / Stormy sky / Full moon / Life goes on / Artificial light* / Prince of the punks* / The poseur* / On the outside (1977 mix)* / On the outside (1994 mix)* .

* cd bonus tracks

Written , arranged and produced by Raymond Douglas Davies .

The Kinks 1977 : Ray Davies : vocals, guitar & keyboards / Dave Davies : lead guitars, lead & backin' vocals / Mick Avory : drums, percussion / John Dalton : bass / John Gosling : keyboards / Andy Pyle : bass on ° .

Even as a staunch Kinks supporter, I was beginning to have my doubts. Although the band's following has grown steadily since they made it into the Seventies (by the skin of their teeth) with "Lola," they seemed to have peaked with Muswell Hillbillies. Ray Davies seemed hopelessly stuck on a thematic dead-end street (perhaps he had started believing all those notices about personifying the "voice of the little people"). But Sleepwalker—the first Kinks album since Lola that's unencumbered by either a horn section or female vocal chorus—is a clear-cut triumph both for Davies and the band.
A few of these songs smack of the self-righteousness that's hindered Davies' recent writing; but the beautiful "Stormy Sky," in which clouds become a symbol for romantic conflict, and "Full Moon," a scary tune about madness and loss of self-recognition, are among his best efforts. The recurrent themes are fear, depression and failed utopianism; in "Life Goes On," we are warned that "life'll hit you when you least expect it." Yet in the end, there always remains a faint glimmer of hope: "Take that frown off your head/'cause you're a long time dead." "Juke Box Music," which seems strangely set apart from the rest, is the best song here, a rocker about a woman whose entire life is spent living inside the story lines of her favorite records. It should be a pathetic song, yet Davies has us tapping our feet, singing along.
The Kinks' playing on Sleepwalker is easily their most powerful since Lola. Dave Davies' aggressive guitar work is pushed into the forefront, and the intensity of his lead work seems to rouse the entire group. One is continually reminded just what a fine and forceful band the Kinks can be as those ethereal falsetto backing vocals, so long dormant, rise again like the spirit of "Sunny Afternoon" and "Waterloo Sunset."

Un chef d'oeuvre ! ...et je pèse mes mots ! On change de cour pour celle des grands ! Il nous falloir REHABILITER les disques des Kinks des années 70/80 !

9 chansons , 9 merveilles ! Ecoutez "Life on the road" ou "Brother" ou l'imparable " Juke box music" : les mélodies entrent en vous dès la première écoute, pour ne plus vous lâcher !

Nous sommes début 1977 quand "Sleepwalker" sort ! Les punks occupent le terrain (Prince of the punks) ! Ray regarde cette scène d'un air amusé et bienveillant ! Les Kinks , "perdants magnifiques" sont plutôt bien acceptés ! De plus après les années RCA , le groupe vient de signer sur Arista records , le label de Clive Davis sur lequel on trouve aussi P. Smith !

Ray vit tout ça comme un nouveau challenge et compose ""Sleepwalker" puis un un an plus tard "Misfits" , autre chef d'oeuvre cruellement sous-estimé .

Les Kinks ! Le plus grand groupe de rock du monde ?

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

The Kinks : Sleepwalker (1998 cd version ) 320 kbps + covers

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Enjoy it !

DD a dit…

bravo !
Les Kinks
LE groupe de rock du monde

Midnight Rambler a dit…

Merci pour tous tes commentaires dd !
Misfits , le prochain Kinks !

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Anonyme a dit…

One of the best. Of course.

Agneta Nilson a dit…

Et avec les scans du livret !
Et tu vas poster Misfits !!
Et vive la Reine, les Kinks et
Midnight Rambler !!!

vex_voxtone a dit…

Sleepwalker is in my opinion the most consistant Kink record from their "second period". There would be no RNR without The Kinks so thanx for this one so much :))