LYRES Nobody but Lyres 1992 Taang Records 320 kbps

Nobody but me / How can I make her mine / Happy now / Here's a heart / Baby / We sell soul .

Produced by J. Conolly & R. W. Harte

Lyres 1992 : J. Conolly : vocals, keyboards, tamb. / R. Carmel Jr. : guitar, backing vocals / R.Coraccio : bass, backing vocals / P. Murphy : drums / J. Hickey : harmonica .

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

Lyres: Nobody but me 320 kbps + complete covers

Link :

Enjoy it !

vex_voxtone a dit…

Thanx so much for DMZ /Lyres posts!!!
All I can say is MONOMAN forever. The Lyres never had raw RNR savageness of brilliant DMZ but they will always remain my favourite neo-garage band with Mono's trademark Vox continental organ.

Pharoah a dit…