NAKED PREY Live in Tucson 1990 Fundamental 320 kbps

Stalker / Rawhead / Forsaken / Blind man / The bitter end

Recorded live 24:2:90 at the Romper Room -Tucson -Arizona

Naked Prey : V. Christian : vocals, guitar / D. K. Seger : guitars, vocals / R. Baden : bass , vocals / T. Larkins : drums .

Naked Prey was formed by local singer and guitarist Van Christian after a stint playing drums with legendary Tucson band The Serfers (later reformed as Green on Red). His connection with these musicians helped to garner the release of a self-titled mini-album in 1984 on Down There Records, then-home to Green on Red and the Dream Syndicate. It remains one of the first records that could be described as "desert-rock." The strong follow-up, 1986's Under the Blue Marlin, began a string of great records highlighted by Van Christian's maturing, witty songwriting and Dave Seger's guitar playing. Van Christian and occasional guitarist Bill Elm would go on to form Friends of Dean Martin.

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

Naked Prey : Live in Tucson 320 kbps + covers



Anonyme a dit…

Thank you very much!! Do you also have their first album, Selftitled from 1984? Would be much appreciated!

Midnight Rambler a dit…

Thank you for the comments !
We will post the selftitled orange lp from 1984 (Down There records) and also the next "Under the blue marlin" (1986 lp - Frontier / Zippo records) together ! It is envisaged for soon !

roman empire a dit…

great stuff!!!
looking forward to hear "under the blue marlin" again. What a fantastic lost gem!

thanks + keep on keepin' on

testbildtester a dit…

thank you so much for this!
please post self titled mini-album and under the blue marlin soon!!!

all the best

Anonyme a dit…

Wonderful, haven't listened to Naked Prey for ages! Thank you so much. Please continue to post the other stuff! Again thanks!!

peter a dit…

First Naked Prey


Thanks RideYourPony twlightzone blog.


peter a dit…

And talk about desert rock... how about the Thin White Rope... also from Tucson if I remember it well..


Doug a dit…

Naked Prey posts are appreciated.Thanks a bunch.Cheers.