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THE LOW NUMBERS Twist again with the Low Numbers 1978 Rhino Records 320 kbps

In The City / Little Miss Quote / Elementary Dr. Watson / The Prom Bombed / All the wrong girls like me / Shok Treetments / 1977 Sunset Strip / Hotel Chambermaid / Early Morning Cold Taxi / Original Model / Savage Surf / She's Not Gonna Be In My Song .

Produced by H. Bronson

The Low Numbers: H. Bronson: lead vocals / L. Maxfield: guitar / D. Dennard: bass / D. Schneider: drums .

The band included Rhino Records co-founder Harold Bronson. They named themselves The LOW NUMBERS probably paying homage to the first incanation of The Who. According to the Trouser Press guide, "The Low Numbers were an ad hoc studio invention attempting a conceptual exercise in Brit-pop nostalgia". Don't know more about it but anyway, their LP was filled with pretty good mod/punk-but-pop ditties.

Most of the time the band showed off a staggering beat like if (a less arty) Richard Hell was trying to be a (New York) Doll going pop like in (the very good) "1977 Sunset Strip" or Will Birch's "Original Model", but in order to give the whole picture I must not forget to mention hints of sixties mod-pop (a faithful cover of Jam's "In The City", an obscure Daltrey's song called "Early Morning Taxi" and Graham Parker's "Hotel Chambermaid"...), Kim Fowley ("Shok Treetments"), `77 "punk-folk" (in fact it clearly reminds Subway Sect like in "All The Wrong Girls Like Me") with kinda nasal bubblegum vocals ("She's Not Gonna Be In My Song"). Oh yes there's also a nice surf song called "Savage surf". Very recommended anyway.
in "Bubblegum the punk"

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Twist again with the Low Numbers 320 kbps + superb covers done by Max

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Enjoy it !

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Thanks for this link. Really fantastic.

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Many thanks. Merci.

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I bought this in the 80's as a cut-out for $3.99....thanks

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Fantastique ! Je pensais pas revoir ce disque un jour !

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great choice !
The indian runner

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Interesting to know.

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Salut Rambler. Bon ben je commence par te demander de bien vouloir réactiver ce lien, STP, si possible ?
A peu près tout de cette période '76-79 (voire '80) US, UK et AUS m'intéressent...

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Can you add active link with music? Thank you.