THE SINNERS From the heart down 1987 Amigo 320 kbps

The bride and the broom / If I only were lazy / Walk on by / You ain't different / Fire / 999 Kisses / Good and evil / When she lies / Future kiss (electric version) / Futur kiss / Ride on , Rebecka , ride on / Watch out / I'll be your baby tonight / Sin city / High risk investement .

Produced by Sticky Bomb

THE SINNERS : Sven Köhler : vocals/ Michael Sellers : guitar/ Henki van den Born : guitar/David Sellers : bass/ Kiddie Manzini : drums 1988-present / first drummer : Micke Widell (82-84 & first single)/ second drummer : Rikard Swärdh (84-88 & first album ) .

Once home The Sinners started recording their first album, "From The Heart Down", which was released in October 1987 by Amigo Records. The video for the track "Walk On By" was broadcast all over Europe by MTV and in december 1988 MTV top-rated the video for "When She Lies", with heavy rotation for seven weeks.
Cet album des Sinners a beaucoup tourné sur ma platine ! J'y reviens souvent ! C'est un pur chef-d'oeuvre de rock , aux riffs d'enfer !

Merci à Gildas pour les scans de la pochette !
And another cover made by Max !

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THE SINNERS : From the heart down 320 kbps + a great cover made by Max

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Enjoy it !

Anonyme a dit…

A star has to be named "Sons of the Dolls"! Thanks for these gems of an unfortunately forgotten band from the 80s/90s! Fine Fine Fine!

Anonyme a dit…

The sinners are GREAT. Thanks for putting up the early stuff that I never could find on CD. Someone with the band has put up all their music videos @


Anonyme a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

This is one of the best power pop/ pub rock album of all times!! I swear!! And digitalized sounds even better!!!I have my copy on vinyl and I can tell so!!
Please post something of the wilmer x!!!


Thanks !
Wilmer X will be posted soon !
For the moment 4 are planned :
- Downward bound
- Not glamourus
- Snake
-7" Honk kong boy
and maybe another one not in english : "Tungt vatten" !
Happy ?

Mondo Gitane a dit…

I got recently a sealed vinyl copy from an american record store. This is one of the records of the eighties, no doubt!