THE SHORT FUSES Get the hell down 2000 S.F.T.R.I. 320 kbps

Bored / Corvette summer / The golden strip / Rev'-up-n-ready / Devastator / Night of the bloodsuckers / Beneath the city of the guitar vixens / Midway motel / One eye / Spare me / Messenger of rock / Powerlord / Becoming invincible .

During the tour for "#1", the band played a Saturday night gig in Los Angeles at the late, great Bar Delux. In attendance were such rock luminaries as Lux Interior and Poison Ivy, Pat Todd of The Lazy Cowgirls and Flipside writer and R.A.F.R. Records head Martin McMartin. The buzz began and made its way to Long Gone John at Sympathy for the Record Industry, and so the band made a deal to cut a single and LP. This became "Get The Hell Down", the official debut LP that was like no one had ever heard before. The rise continued as The Short Fuses rocked the Twin Cities scene, headlining the Rock Action festivals from 2000-2002 and rocking the Las Vegas Shakedown.

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The Short Fuses : Get the hell down
320 kbps + covers

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OK,great band and great disc i'am imported this post for my blog, thanks

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