VARIOUS ARTISTS Monsters from the Midwest (Volume 1) 1983 No label (Cassette only)

The Beach Niks : Last Night I Cried /The Chevrons : Dreams /The Rumbles : Fourteen Years /The Blazers : I Don't Need You / The Chevrons : Mine Forever More /The Rumbles Ltd. : Hey Lenora / The Blue Things : Pretty Thing-Oh / The Classmen : Julie / The Rumbles Ltd. : Push Push / The Blue Things : The Orange Rooftop Of Your Mind / The Fab Four : Happy / The Thingies : It's A Long Way Down /The Blue Things : Twist And Shout /The Fab Four : I'm Always Doing Something Wrong / West Minist'r : Sister Jane / Burlington Express : One Day Girl (24 Hours) / The Morning Dew : No More / Yellow Hair : Talent For Lovin' / The Catalinas : Coco Cherry Mash / The Morticians : Little Latin Lupe Lu / The Young Aristocracy : Don't Lie / Chesmann Square : Circles (Instant Party) / The Red Dogs : Open Up .

BAND HOMETOWNS: The Morning Dew (Topeka, KS); The Blue Things (Hays, KS); Burlington Express (Topeka, KS); The Beach Niks (Newell, IA); The Catalinas (St. Joseph, MO); Chesmann Square (Kansas City, MO); The Chevrons (Omaha, NE); The Classmen (Kansas City, MO); The Fab Four (Kansas City, MO); The Morticians (Waco, TX); The Red Dogs (Lawrence, KS); The Rumbles (Omaha, NE); The Rumbles Ltd. (Omaha, NE); Thingies (Topeka, KS); West Minist'r (Fort Dodge, IA); Yellow Hair (Omaha, NE); The Young Aristocracy (Tulsa, OK); The Blazers (Kansas City, MO)

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

V/A Monsters from the Midwest vol 1
192 kbps + nice covers made by GoodGuy666

Password is :


Greets, all the best for Xmas and a happy New Year from GoodGuy666 to all the readers of this blog!

Enjoy it !

DD a dit…


incroyable que des trucs aussi rare se trouve sur 2 blog en meme temps
merci a toute l'equipe

Midnight Rambler a dit…

normal DD ! on doit avoir le même fournisseur !

Anonyme a dit…

Incredible and
strange like a question mark ! but it seems that Sons of the Dolls was the first to post it !

Judge Dread

Anonyme a dit…

Whatever Chocoreve means with that?

I do NOT speak any French ! Sorry! Write it in English and you'll get a reply!!!
Good Guy 666

Anonyme a dit…

Merci de mettre un nouveau lien.
Super blog qui revite les années 80.
Merci encore,keep going!!


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