TEENAGE HEAD - Teenage Head

TEENAGE HEAD Teenage Head 1979 InterGlobe Music 320 kbps
Top down / Ain't got no sense / Bonerack / Picture my face / Lucy Potato / Curtain' jumper /You're tearin' me apart / Little boxes / Get off my back / Kissin' the carpet
Produced by A. Caddy & Teenage Head

Teenage Head 1979 were : F. Venom : vocals / G. Lewis : guitar / S. Marshall : bass / N. Stipanitz : drums

Teenage Head came together in the early 70's when four young guys from Westdale High School in Hamilton, Ontario decided to form a band. Gord Lewis, Frank Kerr, Steve Mahon, and Nick Stipanitz weren't buddies, but each had a strong interest in the same type of music. By May 1978 they released their first independant single "Picture My Face" and quickly became part of the scene exploding in Toronto. The legendary self-titled debut album followed a year later, but despite it's "muddy" production, it turned the heads of many because it perfectly captured the spirit of the era. What's more, it showcased the band's talent as writers, with the ability to craft songs that would continue to stand the test of time; even by today's standards. And unlike many others from that era, they could perform live; and they did throughout the "new music" circuit of clubs of Southern Ontario, including the short-lived Crash 'n Burn club and the notorious "Last Pogo" festival. Fans were captivated by Gord's intensity, Steve's indifference, and Frankie's (now known as Frankie Venom) "real wild child" frontman persona.

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Just need the live album for some more classic Head

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Teenage Head were a fabulous band who never got the props they deserved because they were from the wrong side of the pond AND the wrong side of the Canada/US border.


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Thanks for this great yet underrated band!

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merci d avance Mr MR