CUB KODA - Box Lunch

CUB KODA Box lunch 1998 J. Bird Records 320 kbps

We were crazy back then / Double barrel hell / Too much pain / No matter whay you say / How could life turn out this way / Runaway heart / Gimme trash / My luck's gone all the bad / Susan Hayward's diary .

Cub Koda : guitar , vocal , harmonica

This disc is one of the nicest musical surprises I have had in quite sometime. Just music in its purest form, Cub as the blues troubadour armed with just his acoustic guitar, voice, harmonica, and nine really contagious tunes, all penned by Cub. The intimacy of this disc is really haunting, and it makes you feel like the Cubmaster is in your living room performing just for you. Dishing out this collection of tales that take you through the gamut of human emotions, and then some. Throughout Koda's career with Brownsville station and as a solo artist, he has covered everything from rock and roll, to the blues, to rock-a-billy, to jazz, and more, and in the process has become a bonafide electric guitar hero. So with "Box Lunch" his first solo acoustic guitar outing Cub is adding a new dimension to his truly remarkable career. And yes the Cubmaster has got some terrific acoustic guitar chops, and yes he's still "Smokin' In The Boys Room". This one is definitely a keeper.

- Darin Scott -

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

Cub Koda : Box lunch 320 kbps + covers

Link :

Enjoy it !

Anonyme a dit…

Great album, Thanks so much!!!

dimascio patrick a dit…

je suis ton blog depuis le début c'est vraiment une tuerie.

mais impossible d'avoir le bon lien pour kildozer que j'ai louper au moment de sa présence sur ton blog.

a+ pat

dimascio patrick a dit…

salut ton blog contient toute la musique que j'aime

impossible d'avoir le lien pour kildozer.



Je vais refaire une version en flac du Killdozer...