DOGS - Something Magic

SINGLES (cd) DOGS Something magic 1989 Mix.it 320 kbps

Something magic (special single remix) /Goodbye little rich girl* / Hometown* / Something magic (album version)

All songs by Dominique Laboubée /Produced by Dominique & Jean Labbé
*Not available on the lp and on the cd "A million ways of killing time"

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

DOGS Something magic 320 kbps + covers

Link :

Enjoy it!

Anonyme a dit…

oh boy,
I've been lookin' for this since years!
... my favorite band from the twangin' 80's ... sighhhh!

They still sound so fresh, today ... listenint to them recalls my younger days and brings back good memories ...

the Dogs still rule!
merci beaucoup - super chouette!!!

R Squared a dit…

Thank you for this! I never thought I would get to hear these b-sides! The Dogs were my favorite group from the 80s. I think I have heard almost everything they ever put out, except "4 of a Kind." Do you have that one? Keep up the great work my friend!

geololo a dit…

Que dire sinon que ce blog est vraiment fantastique! Grand appréciateur des Dogs, j'avais jamais écouté ce single...

mikaelj a dit…

Hi. I missed this first time around. Would it be possible to reup this.
Best wishes Mikael