TEENAGE HEAD - Some Kinda Fun

TEENAGE HEAD Some kinda fun 1982 Attic Records 320 kbps

Drivin' wild (my invader) / Let's go to Hawaii / Sheila Scarf / Want you to know / Teenage beer drinking party / Shag shack / Sick little man / Some kinda fun /Fist to face / Don't toy with me / Let it show .
Produced by B. Christian

Teenage Head 1982 : same members than in 1980

As Gord convalesced, the band turned back to working the local club circuit using hired gun guitarists to fill in, but the disappointment left the band scarred and they soon succumbed to the typical demons that many bands fall victim to. Soon after Gord's return saw the release of their third album, "Some Kinda Fun" , which contained the classics "Let's Go To Hawaii", "Teenage Beer Drinkin' Party", and the title track. It was commercially successful but drew criticism from long time fans as slick and overproduced; a fine collection of songs but marred by Beach Boy type backing vocals.

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Teenage Head : Some kinda fun 320 kbps + covers


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