THE FEVERS - Live At The Underground

GoodGuy666 presents :FEVERS Live @ the Underground 4/6/2003 Bootleg 320 kbpsComposés de Gavin May(bass , chant , composition , production ) , de Brian Hermosillo(guitar) et dans lequel l'infatigable Travis Ramin n'est que le dernier batteur ! (Ramo records, N. Corvette band , The Short fuses ,Tina & the Total Babes , Candygirl project etc...)

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Midnight Rambler a dit…
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guehart a dit…

Hi, do you have a pwd for this. I really like to hear it.
Best wishes

Midnight Rambler a dit…

GoodGuy666 presents :
Fevers live @ the Underground 320 kbps + covers made by himself


LINK 2 :



Midnight Rambler a dit…

I'm sorry guehart !
I simply forgot it !
Now you can hear the Fevers and if you know the missing titles ,no hesitation , tell us !

angelo a dit…

here are the missing titles

[13] Bound To Cry
[15] Bottom Of The Sea
[16] Love Always Wins

right title to track 05 is
[05] Ain't I Good For You

tracks 13 & 16 will appear on Love Always Wins (2005)
track 15 is from Gaan Daar Waar De Meisjes Zijn (2002)

angelo a dit…

song titles are on the sleeve

guehart a dit…

thanks for the pwd.
This is absolutely great stuff.
Big thanks for sharing and big big thanks to Mitch for recording this!!!

Anonyme a dit…

I don't mind bootleggers so much, but get the facts straight. The Fevers were NEVER a project of Travis Ramin. They were a band long before he joined on the drums. They were NEVER produced by Fever T. On the first record he was only a drummer and they did not even know if he wanted to be a member!! Other drummers were as follows; Kathy Walker(original and also in the Pinkz),Chris Santamaria(Loli+ Chones guitarist/vocalist turned drummer to save them and perform at the first Las Vegas Shakedown with them), Jimmy Sweet(currently touring with Hot Hot Heat!) and Darin Raeffeli(Supercharger,Donny Denim etc...). They love Travis very much but do not agree with all that he does and DO NOT use him as a producer or guitarist or songwriter. He is their amazing drummer. Isn't that enough?? Gavin gets little credit(saddly) when he is responsible for most of the songs and the stripped down rock and roll production!!! Gavin May(bass/vocals) and Brian Hermosillo(guitars)

Midnight Rambler a dit…

Merci Angelo ! Effectivement les titres sont sur la pochette !
Désolé , trop de précipitation !

Midnight Rambler a dit…

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for the lesson !
Effectivement les faits n'étaient pas exacts : la rectification est faite !
IL me semble ressentir dans tes propos une certaine animosité envers ce pauvre Travis !
Quant aux Bootlegers , désolé ils font partie de l'histoire du rock !
Je ne pense pas que ce post empêche
ceux qui achètent des disques d'en acheter quand à ceux qui n'en achètent pas ils continueront ...
Désolé d'avoir par ma négligence brisé ton coeur de fan !
Hasta luego amigo !

Anonyme a dit…

We just want the truth to be known. It's easy for "Rock Journalists" to mention only the ones they know something about because it takes little or no research. So, the "quiet ones" get left out. In this case, they are two of the main charactors

This is Gavin's other band!


This Brian(along with the original drummer and 3 other Fevers drummers!!)


Travis is great!!! He's reaching for the stars and we love to watch him go! :)

Anonyme a dit…

Hi "Anonymous", just a short word: I DO NOT BOOTLEG! I have asked for every of the around 75 recordings I made of my personal "Live at the Underground" series the bands for their permission. Some said they don't want it to be published and I respect this, so I keep these recordings in my collection, but most of them said "Fuck, I don't care, do whatever you like with them." So in my opinion, this is not "bootlegging", but bringing good music to fans of these bands.
Mitch GoodGuy666