SCREAMING IGUANAS OF LOVE Glad you weren't there 1992 Naked Language/Ichiban Records 320 kbps

Now / I'm alive / The kids are getting so loud / Yeah I do / Small wonders / The bastard / Burning funny cars / Nowhere tonight / She'll be mine / This minute's magic / I didn't mean to... / Stay up late / Doctor Boogie .
Produced by R. Bailey & The Magnificent Lesters
Screaming Iguanas Of Love 1992 were :
G. Reinel : guitars & lead vocals / J. T. Burley : bass , vocals / D. Burley : drums , vocals

Unapologetically retro, the Screaming Iguanas of Love were formed in Melbourne, Florida in the late 1980s, but played many songs that could have been written in the early to mid-1960s. On "Glad you weren't there" and "Wild Wild Wild" , the trio favors melodic rock and roll drawing on such influences as the Beatles, the Dave Clark Five, the Monkees and the Bobby Fuller Four. The British Invasion obviously had a major impact on their sound, although some of their influences (including the Box Tops and Fuller) are very American. A band that provides material as enjoyable as "Never Let You Fall," "Let It Down" and the sentimental "I Think of You" should be a lot better known, but the truth is that the Iguanas were about as obscure as it gets.
Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

Un groupe qui reprend "Doctor Boogie" des Groovies peut-il être un mauvais groupe ?

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

Screaming Iguanas of Love : Glad you weren't there 320 kbps + covers

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Enjoy it !

ian a dit…

rien que la pochette ..... comment dire.... elle nous promet une belle surprise !

angelo a dit…

i didn't know this album but this is always great to hear Greg Reinel (later with the big-starish Nicoteens and the heavier Nutrajet).
The Nicoteens only released one EP(available at PPC) and Nutrajet two albums. Greg Reinel also draw The Vandalias cartoons characters.
Thank you Patrick.

Anonyme a dit…

please reup Screaming Iguanas of Love